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To you act as a conveyancer in Scotland, you need to register with the Law Society of Scotland (LSS).

In order to become registered you will need to show the LSS that you are:

  • properly qualified
  • a ‘fit and proper person’ to act as a conveyancer (eg don’t have any criminal convictions for fraud, theft etc)

Contact the LSS for an application form. When you send your application, you must include all supporting documents that the LSS requests.

You must also pay a registration fee.


The LSS may attach conditions to your registration.

As a conveyancer you must comply with rules about:

  • general standards of conduct
  • conflicts of interest
  • conduct of conveyancing transactions
  • client accounts and interest on clients’ money
  • record keeping
  • complaint handling and satisfaction of claims
  • continuing professional development activities

Fines and Penalties

If you practise as a conveyancer without registering you’re committing an offence and may be fined up to £2,500.

If you fail to comply with any rules of conduct you may be found guilty of professional misconduct.