Transparency and freedom of information releases

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  1. Fish Health Inspectorate: Reports 2019

    Quarterly public reports by the Fish Health Inspectorate about its activities and performance against its service standards in 2019

  2. FOI responses released by MOD: week commencing 11 November 2019

    Ministry of Defence (MOD) Freedom of Information (FOI) responses released during the week commencing 11 November 2019.

  3. Military court centres court listings

    Court listings for the Military court centres.

  4. DFID: workforce management information September 2019

    Reports on departmental staff numbers and costs.

  5. DFID: workforce management information August 2019

    Reports on departmental staff numbers and costs.

  6. DFID: workforce management information July 2019

    Reports on departmental staff numbers and costs.

  7. Senior Civil Servants: FOI2019/20678

    Senior Civil Service (SCS) staff.

  8. Man overboard from single-handed creel boat Sea Mist with loss of 1 life

    Location: Macduff, Scotland.

  9. Parole Board quarterly statistics 2019-2020

    Quarterly updates on the performance of the Parole Board in the reporting year April 2019 to March 2020

  10. M1 junction 11: Trees growing on Bradley Road Bridge

    Response to a request regarding trees growing on the Bradley Road Bridge.

  11. AAIB investigation to Airbus A320, OE-IHD and Saab-Scania SS340B, G-LGNK

    Loss of separation, London Stansted Airport, 12 February 2019.

  12. AAIB investigation to Colomban MC-30 Luciole, G-CIBJ

    Electrical short resulting in fire, farm strip at Thankerton, South Lanarkshire, 10 April 2019.

  13. AAIB investigation to Cessna F177RG Cardinal RG, G-AYSY

    Landing gear did not lock down, Leicester Airport, 16 June 2019.

  14. AAIB investigation to DHC-8-402 Dash 8, G-ECOC

    Unavailability of crew oxygen due to blocked regulator, from Aberdeen to Birmingham, 13 December 2018.

  15. AAIB investigation to Boeing 737-73S, EI-SEV and Boeing 737-33A, G-GDFB

    Ground collision, Stand 24, East Midlands Airport, Derbyshire, 30 April 2019.

  16. AAIB investigation to Airbus A330-243, G-MLJL

    Severe turbulence during cruise, 2 August 2019.

  17. AAIB investigation to Airbus A320-214, G-EZWC

    Tow bar disconnected during the pushback, Belfast International Airport, 3 April 2019.

  18. AAIB investigation to DHC-1 Chipmunk 22, G-BXHF 4 March 2019

    Propeller struck pilot during engine priming, Redhill Aerodrome, Surrey, 4 March 2019.

  19. AAIB investigation to Jodel D120 Paris-Nice, G-BKCW

    Veered off the right side of the runway on landing at Perth Aerodrome, Perth and Kinross, 19 June 2019.

  20. AAIB investigation to Luscombe 8A Silvaire, G-AKVP

    Struck the top of a tree on takeoff, Baxterley Aerodrome, Warwickshire, 19 April 2019.