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  1. UK statement on JCPoA implementation: 04 July

    On 3 July, EU High Representative Josep Borrell, the Coordinator of the JCPoA Joint Commission, issued a statement confirming he had received a letter from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif regarding implementati…

  2. PM call with President Kenyatta: 4 July 2020

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya.

  3. Chancellor welcomes staff back as hospitality prepares to reopen

    The Chancellor visited a pub in London to see how they’re planning to reopen safely at the weekend.

  4. Ventilator Challenge hailed a success as UK production finishes

    British manufacturers will have helped to produce over 14,000 ventilators during the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to the success of the government’s drive to boost the NHS’s ventilator capacity.

  5. Broadmarsh retail partnership in liquidation

    Nottingham shopping centre redevelopment enters compulsory liquidation

  6. Education Secretary's statement on coronavirus (COVID-19): 02 July 2020

    Education Secretary on the Government’s plans for all pupils to return to schools, colleges, nurseries and other education settings in September.

  7. Prime Minister's statement on coronavirus (COVID-19): 3 July 2020

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson's statement on coronavirus.

  8. Global Britain and the CPTPP

    Speech delivered by Secretary of State Liz Truss at the Policy Exchange webinar event about advancing UK trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific

  9. More than 100,00 civil money claims issued online

    More than 100,000 civil money claims have been issued in just 18 months using HM Courts and Tribunals Service’s online service.

  10. UN Human Rights Council 44: Statement for the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions

    The UK's Political and Human Rights Counsellor, Matthew Forman, delivered this statement during the Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions

  11. Outstanding Roman figures of Celtic Hounds at risk of export

    Culture Minister Caroline Dinenage has stopped the export of two Roman figures of Celtic Hounds

  12. Information for Help to Buy: Equity Loan customers during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    We understand that coronavirus (COVID-19) is worrying and that things still feel very uncertain.

  13. Don’t rely on temperature screening products for detection of coronavirus (COVID-19), says MHRA

    Warning that thermal cameras and other such “temperature screening” products, some of which make direct claims to screen for COVID-19, are not a reliable way to detect if people have the virus.

  14. New app launched by Veteran owned UK

    Veteran Owned UK is the UK’s largest online business directory, exclusively supporting companies owned by members of the Armed Forces Community.

  15. Coronavirus: Environment Agency update

    The Environment Agency’s priority is to protect people and the environment, and to support those we regulate during the coronavirus pandemic.

  16. Coronavirus (COVID-19): scientific evidence supporting the UK government response

    The national and global response to the spread of COVID-19 continues to develop quickly and our collective knowledge of the virus is growing by the second.

  17. Thousands of children offered nutritious breakfasts during summer

    Children from more than 1,800 schools in England who are currently part of our Breakfast Clubs programme will now be offered healthy breakfasts over the summer.

  18. HM Treasury extends tax cut to PPE costs

    The temporary scrapping of VAT on PPE has been extended until the end of October - saving care homes and businesses dealing with the coronavirus outbreak £155 million, the government announced today.

  19. Certification Officer: general announcements and latest decisions

    General announcements and latest decisions issued by the Certification Officer.

  20. Robin Budenberg, CBE re-appointed as Chair of The Crown Estate Board

    On the recommendation of the Prime Minister, Robin Budenberg is re-appointed as Chair of The Crown Estate Board.