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  1. UK nominates Liam Fox as next Director General of the WTO

    UK nominates former International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox as next Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

  2. Sellafield Ltd's project delivery approach on the world stage

    The way Sellafield Ltd's Programme and Project Partners contract helps drive collaborative working was one of the talking points at an international workshop recently.

  3. A Plan for Jobs speech

    A Plan for Jobs 2020 speech as delivered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

  4. Inspection report published: An inspection of the Handling of Complaints and MP’s Correspondence by the Home Office Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System (BICS)

    This inspection followed up on two earlier inspections of complaints handling by the Home Office’s Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System (BICS): ‘An inspection of the Handling of Complaints and MPs’ Correspondence’, pu…

  5. Rishi's Plan for Jobs will help Britain bounce back

    The Chancellor Rishi Sunak today set out a ‘Plan for Jobs’ that will spur the UK’s recovery from the Coronavirus outbreak.

  6. More than 10,000 fish released into the Great Ouse

    Environment Agency fisheries officers have conducted their yearly restocking on the Great Ouse, releasing 10,100 barbel in a bid to replenish the river.

  7. Chief Executive's blog - Parole Board Covid-19 recovery plan

    Parole Board CEO Martin Jones explains the Board's recovery strategy as the UK-wide lockdown begins to ease

  8. New sanctions regime among push to boost protection for persecuted religious groups

    A year on from the Bishop of Truro’s independent review of Christian persecution, a series of new measures have been introduced to protect vulnerable faith and belief groups around the world.

  9. Convenors of SORP engagement discussions announced

    SORP engagement process begins as convenors are appointed to take forward discussions on the next SORP.

  10. Sir Philip Barton presents credentials as British High Commissioner to India

    Sir Philip Barton today presented his credentials to The Hon’ble President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind, in a virtual ceremony, who accepted him as the UK’s new High Commissioner to India.

  11. CMA letter to Nationwide about a breach of the PPI Order

    Letter to Nationwide Building Society (Nationwide) about its non-compliance with the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Market Investigation Order 2011.

  12. CMA letter to Lloyds about 18 breaches of the PPI Order

    Letter to Lloyds Banking Group (Lloyds) about its non-compliance with the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Market Investigation Order 2011.

  13. CMA orders insurance provider to fix PPI breaches

    The CMA has taken action against Cardif Pinnacle, and written to Nationwide and Lloyds, after they failed to provide accurate annual PPI reminders.

  14. Market exploration: forward surgical capability

    The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) wants to understand the current market capability and development requirements of mobile surgical facilities.

  15. Ofsted replaces Ofsted Online website

    We have closed the Ofsted Online site today as replacement web pages are now fully operational.

  16. UK statement to the WTO Dispute Settlement Body

    Statement referring to agenda item 15: Appellate Body Appointments: Proposal by Various Members on 29 June.

  17. Anna-Marie II report and safety flyer published

    Capsize of a fishing vessel off Brora, Scotland with the loss of 1 life.

  18. Proposed Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects in England and Wales, Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station

    Information about possible Transboundary Environmental Impacts (UNECE Espoo Convention and UNECE Aarhus Convention)

  19. PM call with Chancellor Merkel: 7 July 2020

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to German Chancellor Merkel earlier today.

  20. Ensuring human rights are at the core of peacekeeping

    Statement by Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon at the Security Council meeting on United Nations peacekeeping operations: Peace operations and human rights