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Guidance and regulation

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  • This guidance explains how to enter the ballot to apply for the India Young Professionals Scheme visa, and how the ballot system works.

  • Guidance on getting extra payments to help with the cost of living if you’re entitled to certain benefits or tax credits.

  • Find out when bank holidays are in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - including past and future bank holidays

  • This guidance explains who needs to enter the ballot before applying for a Youth Mobility Scheme visa and how the ballot system works.

  • How to download and access the HMRC app on a mobile device to get information about your tax, National Insurance, tax credits and benefits.

  • Find out when you can expect to receive a reply from HMRC to a query or request you've made.

  • You need to move to Universal Credit if you’ve received a Migration Notice letter, as one or more of your benefits will be ending soon.

  • You can use our online services to check the progress of basic, standard or enhanced checks or view your certificate.

  • Information on who can get an ETA and how to apply before coming to the UK.

  • List of organisations licensed to sponsor workers on the Worker and Temporary Worker immigration routes.

  • Check how quickly you’ll receive a decision on your UK visa application if you are applying from outside the UK.

  • The Defence Gateway gives members of the Defence community access to Defence web applications from privately-owned devices.

  • Inspection processes and rules for car, private bus and light commercial vehicle (class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicle) MOT tests.

  • Use these rates and thresholds when you operate your payroll or provide expenses and benefits to your employees.

  • Get a goods movement reference to move goods through locations which use the Goods Vehicle Movement Service.

  • Success Profiles are the new recruitment framework used within the Civil Service.

  • The Highway Code is essential reading for all road users, including pedestrians, mobility scooter users, cyclists, horse riders, drivers and motorcyclists.

  • Use the checklist if you start a new job or have been sent to work in the UK, so your new employer can complete their PAYE payroll.

  • A bi-monthly magazine for employers and agents that gives up-to-date information on payroll topics.

  • How to use the GOV.UK ID Check app to prove your identity, including how to download the app and how to scan your face and your photo ID.