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  • NI Labour Market statistics: August 2022

    The NI Labour Market report includes latest statistics on employment, unemployment, inactivity, employees, jobseekers, vacancies, redundancies and earnings.

  • Labour market statistics time series: August 2022

    Large dataset which contains labour market statistics data time series.

  • Earnings and employment from Pay As You Earn Real Time Information, UK: August 2022

    Experimental monthly estimates of payrolled employees and their pay from HM Revenue and Customs' (HMRC) Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Real Time Information (RTI) data. Includes a flash estimate of payrolled employment and medi…

  • UK Productivity Flash Estimate: April to June 2022

    Flash estimate of UK whole economy labour productivity and labour productivity by industry breakdown based on first gross domestic product (GDP) estimate.

  • COVID-19 vaccines for autumn 2022: JCVI advice, 15 August 2022

    Statement setting out the latest advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) on COVID-19 vaccines for autumn 2022.

  • Notifiable diseases: causative agents reports for 2022

    Weekly data from UK laboratories on the number of cases of notifiable bacteria and viruses.

  • HM Courts & Tribunals Service – Statistics at HMCTS

    How to find statistical data and analysis for courts and tribunals.

  • Avian influenza in wild birds

    Report on weekly findings of highly pathogenic avian influenza (bird flu) in wild birds in Great Britain.

  • Drinking water protected areas: challenges for the water environment

    Current and future issues for drinking waters, with a review of current measures to address the challenges.

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency – Research at DVLA

    Research carried out by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

  • Tuberculosis (TB): regional and devolved administration reports

    Annual regional reports for the epidemiology of TB.

  • Unclaimed estates list

    A list of unclaimed estates held by the Treasury Solicitor. Last updated 15th August 2022

  • Wholesale fruit and vegetable prices

    Series of weekly average wholesale market prices of selected home grown horticultural produce.

  • Banana prices

    Average weekly wholesale prices of bananas by country of origin

  • Migrants detected crossing the English Channel in small boats - daily data

    The Ministry of Defence has taken primacy for the UK's operational response to small boat migration in the English Channel. Data is published on this page.

  • FCDO Next Generation Economics competition 2022 winner announced

    Tasha Vagadia is the winner of the 2022 Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) Next Generation Economics competition.

  • HMRC statistics: pre-release access list

    HM Revenue and Customs' record of those who have pre-release access to National Statistics.

  • Water situation: national monthly reports for England 2022

    Monthly reports on rainfall, soil moisture deficit, river flows, groundwater levels and reservoir levels.

  • Monkeypox outbreak: technical briefings

    Technical briefing documents on the investigation into cases of monkeypox in England.

  • Rainfall and river flow: weekly reports for England

    Weekly reports on rainfall and river flow in England for the last 3 months.