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  1. Criminal justice system statistics quarterly: December 2019

    Trends in the use of out of court disposals, defendants prosecuted, offenders convicted, remand and sentencing decisions, and offender histories in England and Wales.

  2. Pre-release access to DWP statistics

    Job titles of people with pre-release access to Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) statistics and the organisations they belong to.

  3. Weekly all-cause mortality surveillance: 2019 to 2020

    How the actual number and type of death registrations in England and Wales compare to predictions for each week.

  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey pilot: England, 28 May 2020

    This release provides initial data from the COVID-19 Infection Survey.

  5. COVID-19: number of outbreaks in care homes – management information

    Weekly number and percentage of care homes reporting a suspected or confirmed outbreak of COVID-19 to PHE by local authorities, regions and PHE centres.

  6. Weekly national flu reports: 2019 to 2020 season

    National influenza reports, tracking seasonal flu and other seasonal respiratory illnesses in the UK.

  7. Unclaimed estates list

    A list of unclaimed estates held by the Treasury Solicitor.

  8. Outcome of unduly lenient sentence referrals

    Recent sentences examined by the Attorney General’s Office under the Unduly Lenient Sentence Scheme.

  9. Latest UK milk prices and composition of milk

    Monthly UK averages of the farm-gate price and butterfat and protein content of milk delivered to dairies.

  10. Northern Ireland environmental statistics report 2020

    This publication reports on a range of environmental indicators for Northern Ireland and provides links to government strategies.

  11. Historical statistics notices on UK milk prices and composition of milk, 2020

    Previously published National Statistics notices on UK averages of the farm-gate price and composition of milk.

  12. Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET), UK: May 2020

    Estimates of young people (aged 16 to 24 years) who are not in education, employment or training, by age and sex.

  13. Domestic energy price indices

    BEIS publishes quarterly and monthly consumer price indices of fuel components in current and real terms.

  14. Monthly and annual prices of road fuels and petroleum products

    BEIS publishes monthly and annual prices of road fuels and fuels used for home heating, plus an index of crude oil prices.

  15. International road fuel prices

    BEIS publishes comparisons of road fuel prices against other EU countries, using data from the European Commission Oil Bulletin.

  16. Quarterly labour market tables

    Some of the quarterly tables were delayed as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on ONS capacity and capability. This release contains the additional tables which couldn't be produced in time for the main…

  17. Organic farming statistics 2019

    Annual statistics about the UK organic farming sector.

  18. Deaths registered by area in England and Wales, monthly provisional: April 2020

    Monthly death figures provide counts of deaths registered by area of usual residence, England and Wales in a calendar month.

  19. MOD biannual civilian personnel report: 2020

    Biannual statistics on the strength, intake and outflow of Ministry of Defence civilian personnel for 2020.

  20. Road goods vehicles travelling to Europe: April 2019 to March 2020

    Number of powered vehicles and unaccompanied trailers carried on each route to Europe for April 2019 to March 2020.