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Research and statistics

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  1. Liver disease profiles: February 2020 update

    Data update of indicators in the liver disease profiles interactive tool.

  2. Early years foundation stage profile results: 2018 to 2019

    Early years foundation stage profile (EYFSP) results for the 2018 to 2019 academic year, at national and local authority level.

  3. Organic farming statistics 2018

    Annual statistics about the UK organic farming sector.

  4. Farming statistics - final crop areas, yields, livestock populations and agricultural workforce at 1 June 2019 - UK

    UK results from the June surveys of agriculture and horticulture.

  5. Fostering in England 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

    Fostering in England statistics for the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

  6. Mental Health Community Teams Activity Q3 2019/20

    Care Programme Approach (CPA) and gate keeping by the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT) teams.

  7. What can administrative data sources tell us about the patterns of presence of non-EU students?

    Research article about using administrative data to investigate how long non-EU students are present in the country and their patterns of presence during the year.

  8. High Court bulletin October to December 2019

    The High Court sits at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast and comprises three Divisions: the Chancery Division, Queen’s Bench Division and Family Division.

  9. County Court bulletin October to December 2019

    County Courts can deal with a wide range of cases; consumer disputes, personal injury claims, debt, employment and small claims are some of the types of cases heard in the County Courts.

  10. Emissions of air pollutants

    An annual publication covering the emissions of some important air pollutants.

  11. ENV01 - Emissions of air pollutants

    Annual update to tables on emissions of important air pollutants in the UK.

  12. Youth custody data

    Monthly statistics on the population in custody of children and young people within the secure estate.

  13. Exploring international migration concepts and definitions with Home Office administrative data

    Article providing an update on how we are using Home Office admininstrative data to explore international migration concepts and definitions as part of the migration statistics transformation programme.

  14. Defining and measuring international migration

    Article summarising existing concepts and definitions for international migration, the data sources currently used to measure these and introducing exploratory research into supplementary definitions as part of the migration…

  15. Mortgages: Actions for Possession Bulletin October to December 2019

    This bulletin provides statistics for cases received (i.e. writs and originating summonses issued), cases disposed and final orders made in respect of mortgages in the Chancery Division of the Northern Ireland High Court for…

  16. Median Estimated Debt by Age in Bankruptcies and Debt Relief Orders

    These tables show statistics on median estimated debt in bankruptcies and debt relief orders, broken down by age band for England and Wales.

  17. A statistical quality framework for longitudinally linked administrative data on international migration

    A statistical quality framework for longitudinally linked administrative data on international migration

  18. NFI woodland ecological condition statistics

    Statistical results of the woodland ecological condition assessment in Great Britain by woodland type.

  19. Overview of the transformation of the population and migration statistics system: February 2020 update

    Latest update on our population and migration statistics transformation journey.

  20. Individual Voluntary Arrangement Termination Rates by Age and Region

    These tables breakdown individual voluntary arrangement failure rates by age, region and year of registration.