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  • HMRC programme for reducing published Official Statistics content

    Seeking comments on HMRC’s programme for reducing the amount of published Official Statistics content.

  • HMRC statistics: pre-release access list

    HM Revenue and Customs' record of those who have pre-release access to National Statistics.

  • Outcome of unduly lenient sentence referrals

    Recent sentences examined by the Attorney General’s Office under the Unduly Lenient Sentence Scheme.

  • Attendance in education and early years settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: 23 March to 15 October 2020

    A summary of attendance in education settings since Monday 23 March and early years settings since Thursday 16 April 2020.

  • PPE deliveries (England): 12 October to 18 October 2020

    Experimental statistics showing the latest number of personal protective equipment (PPE) items distributed for use by health and social care services in England.

  • Unclaimed estates list

    A list of unclaimed estates held by the Treasury Solicitor.

  • Weekly road fuel prices

    BEIS publishes road fuel price statistics providing average UK retail 'pump' prices on a weekly basis.

  • Road fuel prices: 19 October 2020

    Weekly prices of unleaded petrol and diesel.

  • Deaths registered in England and Wales, provisional: week ending 9 October 2020

    The number of deaths registered in a week in England and Wales.

  • Livestock prices, finished and store

    Average prices for cattle, sheep and pigs sold at store and finished auction markets in Great Britain.

  • Animal feed prices

    Series of straights and compound animal feed prices across Great Britain.

  • Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs – Statistics at Defra

    We publish national and official statistics relating to the environment, rural communities, food, farming and biosecurity.

  • Detailed analysis of fires attended by fire and rescue services, England, April 2019 to March 2020

    Detailed statistics on fires attended by fire and rescue services across England, and fire-related fatalities and non-fatal casualties in those fires.

  • Department for Work and Pensions – Statistics at DWP

    We publish statistics on benefits, pensions, employment programmes, income distribution and other subjects we are responsible for.

  • Deaths in private homes, England and Wales

    Provisional figures on deaths in private homes in England and Wales.

  • UK government debt and deficit: June 2020

    Quarterly estimates of UK government deficit and debt, given to the European Commission under the excessive deficit procedure protocol, as part of the Maastricht Treaty.

  • Wholesale fruit and vegetable prices

    Series of weekly average wholesale market prices of selected home grown horticultural produce.

  • Banana prices

    Average weekly wholesale prices of bananas by country of origin

  • Consumer price inflation, UK: September 2022

    Price indices percentage changes and weights for the different measures of consumer price inflation.

  • Cover of vaccination evaluated rapidly (COVER) programme 2020 to 2021: quarterly data

    UK quarterly data and commentary on coverage achieved by the UK childhood immunisation programme.