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  • Labour in Horticulture Survey 2022 for England

    Experimental statistics for the results from the 2022 quarterly Labour in Horticulture Survey in England.

  • Avian influenza in wild birds

    Report on weekly findings of highly pathogenic avian influenza (bird flu) in wild birds in Great Britain.

  • APHA disease surveillance monthly reports

    Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) monthly reports on monitoring of disease in livestock and poultry.

  • Operation of police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000, quarterly update to June 2022

    Contains statistical material relating to the Terrorism Act 2000, including arrests and outcomes, and stops and searches.

  • Farming and environment evidence packs - latest editions

    These evidence packs bring together existing statistics on agriculture to summarise the current state of the agricultural industry in the United Kingdom.

  • Salmonid and freshwater fisheries statistics: 2021

    Fisheries statistics report and data tables for commercial and recreational fisheries in England and Wales.

  • Notifiable diseases: causative agents reports for 2022

    Weekly data from UK laboratories on the number of cases of notifiable bacteria and viruses.

  • Regulatory Policy Committee - Interim Business Plan 2022-2023

    This document sets out the Regulatory Policy Committee's interim business plan for 2022-2023.

  • UK Health Security Agency – Statistics at UKHSA

    The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) collects and publishes statistics related to planning, preventing and responding to external health threats.

  • Unclaimed estates list

    A list of unclaimed estates held by the Treasury Solicitor. Last updated 26th September 2022

  • Review of Net Zero

    The BEIS Secretary of State has commissioned an independent review of the government’s approach to delivering its net zero target, to ensure that it is pro-business and pro-growth. 

  • HMRC statistics: pre-release access list

    HM Revenue and Customs' record of those who have pre-release access to National Statistics.

  • The impact of miscoding of occupational data in Office for National Statistics social surveys, UK

    Following a coding error identified in Standard Occupational Classification 2020 across social surveys, an analysis was conducted to identify affected codes.

  • Wholesale fruit and vegetable prices

    Series of weekly average wholesale market prices of selected home grown horticultural produce.

  • Banana prices

    Average weekly wholesale prices of bananas by country of origin

  • Methodological improvements to UK trade and GDP

    An article detailing the methodological improvements being made to UK trade gas deflators and GDP health services in GDP quarterly national accounts, UK: April to June 2022.

  • Nature of fraud and computer misuse in England and Wales: year ending March 2022

    Summary of the various sources of data for fraud and computer misuse and what these tell us about victims, circumstances and long-term trends.

  • Phishing attacks – who is most at risk?

    An article exploring the nature and extent of phishing attacks from the Telephone-Operated Crime Survey of England and Wales, with consumer advice and latest trends.

  • Statistical disclosure control methods report for 2021 Census

    A publication on how we conducted and why we conducted statistical disclosure control on 2021 Census data.

  • Property crime tables: year ending March 2022

    Annual data from the Telephone Crime Survey for England and Wales (TCSEW) and metal theft offences recorded by the police, including demographic and offence type breakdowns and time series data.