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  1. HM Land Registry government procurement card: expenditure over £500 for 2020
  2. UK House Price Index Wales: December 2019
  3. UK House Price Index England: December 2019

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What HM Land Registry does

We register the ownership of land and property in England and Wales.

HM Land Registry is a non-ministerial department.

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Research and statistics

  1. UK House Price Index Wales: December 2019
  2. UK House Price Index England: December 2019
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Our management

Simon Hayes
Simon Hayes
Chief Executive and Chief Land Registrar
Mike Harlow
General Counsel, Deputy Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Land Registrar
Chris Pope
Chief Operations Officer
Iain Banfield
Chief Financial Officer
Jon Cocking
Acting Director of Human Resources, Organisation Development and Corporate Communications
John Abbott
Director of Digital, Data and Technology
Karina Singh
Director of Transformation
Michael Mire
Non-executive Chair, Non-executive Board Member
Ed Westhead
Non-executive Board Member
Kirsty Cooper
Non-executive Board Member
Diana Breeze
Non-executive Board Member
Doug Gurr
Non-executive Board Member
Angela Morrison
Non-executive Board Member
Chris Morson
Non-executive Board Member
Elliot Jordan
Non-executive Board Member

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General enquiries

Contact HM Land Registry online, by phone or by post.

Ymholiadau cyffredinol

Defnyddiwch ein ffurflen gysylltu ar gyfer ymholiadau cyffredinol.

Commercial services

For queries about chargeable property information services.

Report property fraud


0300 006 7030

Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm

Local Land Charges

For queries about our local land charges service.

Land Charges

For queries about Land Charges registers or Agricultural Credits.

Phishing emails

Forward the suspicious email along with any attachments to Netcraft.

Make an FOI request

  1. Read about the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and how to make a request.
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Freedom of Information requests

Freedom of Information Officer
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1 Bedford Park
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