Welsh language scheme

How we take account of Welsh language needs when we provide services to the public in Wales.

Welsh language services

The Welsh Language Act 1993 places a duty on all public sector bodies to treat Welsh and English on an equal basis when providing services to the public in Wales. As a result, HM Land Registry has prepared a Welsh Language Scheme under section 21(3) of the act and it received the full endorsement of the Welsh Language Board in March 1998.

The second edition was approved in January 2002, the third in February 2005 and the fourth in March 2010. The scheme provides that in the conduct of its public business in Wales, HM Land Registry will treat the English and Welsh languages on the basis of equality.

Applications and correspondence

HM Land Registry welcomes applications and correspondence in English or Welsh and will reply accordingly. Verbal and written communication, personal visits and the delivery of formal applications can be readily undertaken in either Welsh or English at HM Land Registry Wales Office, and every enquiry or application is dealt with on the basis that the two languages have equal status. We have a dedicated Welsh language line for general enquiries. Anyone who receives correspondence or notices in English but who would prefer to receive them in Welsh may request Welsh versions.

Telephone: 0300 006 0422


All statutory application forms and practice guides, as well as HM Land Registry’s annual report and accounts, are available in Welsh. The glossary of legal terms produced under HM Land Registry’s Welsh Language Scheme has proved very popular with practitioners and translation companies.

Dual Language Registers

The register template of every title in Wales is produced in bilingual format. The headings and standard information appear in English and Welsh and the register entries appear in the language of the source document on which they are based. Practice Guide 58 sets out in detail the format of registers in Wales.


For more information on Welsh language services, contact the Welsh language co-ordinator.

Welsh language scheme

Eleri Sparnon Jones
HM Land Registry Wales Office
Tŷ Cwm Tawe
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