Complaints procedure

If you experience a problem with Land Registry's procedures or services, please get in touch.

How to complain

Contact the person or team you have been dealing with at Land Registry. Alternatively, contact customer support or use our complaints form.

We will:

  • acknowledge your complaint on the same day
  • give you a contact name and telephone number
  • review your complaint and usually send you a full response within 5 working days
  • tell you within 5 working days if we need more time to respond to your complaint

If you’re still not satisfied

You can ask the person who responded to your complaint to escalate it to the next stage. Depending on the nature of the complaint, our final response may come from the Land Registrar, the area manager or another senior manager at the office concerned.

If you are dissatisfied with a legal decision made by a caseworker or lawyer at one of our local offices, the decision will usually be reviewed by the Land Registrar (the most senior lawyer at a local office). A Land Registrar’s decision is final and can only be challenged in court.

Our Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive has no direct role in our complaints procedure. The power and responsibility to deal with registration decisions are delegated to the Land Registrar at each office.

Independent Complaints Reviewer

If your complaint has been through our internal complaints procedure and you are still not satisfied, you can contact the Independent Complaints Reviewer (ICR) for Land Registry. The ICR’s role is to review complaints independently from Land Registry.

The ICR will only consider complaints about:

The ICR has no power to review or overturn any of our decisions about land registration issues, or to comment on points of law.

If you’re not satisfied with the ICR investigation outcome, you can ask your MP to refer the complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

Data service complaints

If your complaint is about information supplied by our Commercial Services or supplied free under the Government’s open data initiative, in addition to the ICR, you can also contact the Office of Public Sector Information once we have given a final response.

You can also contact the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information for a review of the outcome provided by OPSI.