Request an expedite

Ask HM Land Registry to fast track your application.

Applies to England and Wales

The expedite (fast-track) process is available for applications, either residential or commercial, where a delay would:

  • cause problems not related to a land transaction
  • put a property sale or any kind of property transaction at risk, for example, a refinancing deal or development

We usually only consider requests from the organisation that sent us the application or the buyer or seller of the property.

You cannot ask us to expedite an application to search the register, including searches of the index map. Find out how long we take to process applications.

Please lodge each request against a single title number and HM Land Registry reference. This will allow us to pair your request with the application more efficiently.


You will need to provide evidence which clearly shows why you are asking us to expedite your application. We will use your evidence to make it easier for us to determine if we can approve your request.

Examples of evidence we accept include:

  • a copy of the sale or purchase contract or a mortgage offer letter confirming the offer’s expiry date, or confirmation that a transaction is being planned which is dependent on registration of the application in question being expedited
  • a clear explanation in cases of problems or hardship, whether financial or personal, which should link to the need for the registration to be completed

We accept redacted documents that contain commercially sensitive information. Redacted documents must still clearly show why you are asking us to expedite your application.

Request an expedite using the portal

Conveyancers and legal professionals with access to the HM Land Registry portal should use Application Enquiry to request an expedite.

  1. In Application Enquiry, select ‘Still need to contact us?’
  2. Fill in the appropriate contact details and select the ‘Request an expedite’ option.
  3. Select the expedition reason from the drop-down menu to complete the request.

You cannot make a request using reply to requisition.

Contact us

If you’ve used a conveyancer or solicitor, ask them to send us your request using the HM Land Registry portal.

If you haven’t used a conveyancer or solicitor, use our contact form to ask for your application to be processed urgently.

  1. Open our contact form.
  2. Select ‘Member of the public’.
  3. Select ‘Next step’ when presented with coronavirus (COVID-19) information.
  4. Select ‘An application in progress or completed’ followed by ‘Next step’.
  5. Select the required transaction type, for example ‘Application to update the register’.
  6. Select ‘I want to expedite my application’ followed by ‘Next step’.
  7. Enter your details and provide acceptable evidence.
  8. Select ‘Submit’.

Approved requests

If we approve the request, we aim to process the application within 10 working days, subject to any outstanding applications or requests for information (requisitions) that need to be completed first.

Published 17 February 2021
Last updated 10 June 2021 + show all updates
  1. We have made clear we accept redacted documents that contain commercially sensitive information as evidence.

  2. Added a link to our application processing times.

  3. We have updated our guidance to clarify that the expedite (fast-track) process is available for residential and commercial applications, and where any kind of property transaction is at risk.

  4. Added translation