Land registration – guidance


Use Land Registry's MapSearch to find out if a property is registered, view its location and obtain its title number and details of tenure.

MapSearch is a free-to-use digital service for Land Registry Business e-services customers. With MapSearch you can:

  • quickly establish whether land and property in England or Wales is registered
  • view the location of registered land and property
  • obtain title numbers, details of freehold or leasehold tenure and other registered interests
  • save a PDF of any MapSearch result with our Snapshot feature (for reference purposes only and subject to copyright)

Access MapSearch

To use MapSearch, you need:

To access the service, log into the portal and select MapSearch from the ‘Information Services’ menu on the left hand side of the home page.

How to use MapSearch

How to use Land Registry’s MapSearch

Indemnity Provisions

MapSearch does not provide indemnity provisions for information supplied. If you require the benefit of indemnity provisions, you’ll need to carry out a search of the index map. See practice guide 10: index map - official search for detailed information.