HM Land Registry portal: login and guides

Guides and log in for Business e-services customers to use the HM Land Registry portal.

Log in to the HM Land Registry portal
Available 6.30am to 11pm every day.

Property professionals can use the portal to:

  • apply to change the register
  • submit applications and registrations
  • access information from the Land Register
  • apply for searches
  • get alerts when your application results are available to download
  • reply to notifications online even if you sent us your application through the post

The portal is part of our Business e-services.

Portal redesign


From 30 November the portal homepage will look different. As part of our work to move to digital applications and to improve the user experience, we will be introducing an updated design to the portal. These changes will affect the homepage, the Digital Registration Service and View Applications.

The portal login page and information services pages will continue to use the current portal design and will be updated with the redesign in the coming months.

Portal is changing MPEG 4 - YouTube

Getting started

The first time you log in you will be asked to set up your shortcuts on the new homepage. This step-by-step guide will explain how.

  1. Once logged in, select start to set up your shortcuts. If you’d like to skip this step you can click the option to ‘Use default customisation’.
  2. Select the correct information from the 2 dropdown boxes.
  3. Select the 6 services you use the most from the dropdown boxes.
  4. Your homepage is now set up. If you want to change your shortcuts you can change your chosen services using the ‘edit shortcuts’ button.

You can read our detailed guidance for getting started.

You can find out where to submit an application in the portal.

All of the other services in portal can be found using the ‘Services’ menu in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Please note, the Digital Registration Service will be the default application submission service within the portal.


If you require any support, please use our standard support channels.

Information Services

Use our Information Services to get HM Land Registry information and documents faster and more cheaply than by post.

Land Charges Services

electronic Document Registration Service

Use our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) to submit documents and reduce your end-to-end processing times.

Reply to requisition

Network Services

Use our Network Services to submit applications, registrations and supporting evidence via our portal or Business Gateway.

Lender services

Use our Lender Services to discharge a mortgage.

General facilities

These guides show you how to use the General Facilities functions, which may vary according to the role you’ve been assigned in the portal.

Personal details

Administrative services

Find out about how to manage your organisation’s accounts. Functions vary according to your role. Find out about the different roles in the Business e-services technical manual.

Administrative services: managing business unit administrator accounts

These guides show business unit administrators how to activate and manage their own account.

Administrative services: managing authorised users

These guides show business unit administrators how the create and manage authorised user accounts.

Administrative services: managing groups of authorised users

These guides show business unit administrators how to manage groups of authorised user accounts.

Administrative services: managing organisation accounts

These guides cover changes to organisation accounts.

Administrative services: Variable Direct Debit

This guide shows Responsible persons, Deputy responsible persons and Financial administrators how to view variable direct debit information.

Published 15 September 2014
Last updated 23 November 2022 + show all updates
  1. We have added information for getting started on the portal.

  2. Added information regarding the portal redesign.

  3. Added 'View My Applications' to the Information Services group and 'Digital Registration Service' to the electronic Document Registration Service group.

  4. Added 'HM Land Registry portal: alternative despatch address' to the Administrative services: managing organisation accounts group.

  5. The HM Land Registry portal will be unavailable due to extended maintenance and tests all day on Saturday 16 June and Sunday 17 June 2018.

  6. Administrative services guides - A new guide, "first time login for business unit administrators" has been added to help administrators through the process activating their account. The guides in this section have been reorganised into groups to help customers identify and use the guides more easily.

  7. Our online services are available as normal throughout Christmas and New Year, except for Business e-services and Business Gateway, which are not available on Christmas Day (Monday 25 December).

  8. Link to new guide "Land Registry portal: how to set a collective email address" added.

  9. Link to new guide "Land Registry portal: reply to requisition" added.

  10. Guide added about how to use the Application Enquiry service in the portal to check your current applications to Land Registry.

  11. First published.