View Applications

HM Land Registry portal users can use the View Applications service to manage portal applications and correspondence in one place.

Applies to England and Wales

View Applications is a free-to-use service within the HM Land Registry portal.

The service allows you to:

  • view all the applications you’ve made using the portal
  • check the status of your applications
  • download all relevant documentation

View Applications requirements

View Applications is available to all HM Land Registry portal users.

You can apply for Business e-services if you do not have access to the portal. You must agree to the Conditions of use.

There is no fee to sign up to HM Land Registry’s Business e-services. You must have at least 1 variable Direct Debit account to pay fees for the services you use.

Access View Applications

To access View Applications, you need:

Log into the portal and select ‘View Applications’ from the menu on the left-hand side of the home page.

Using View Applications

View Applications displays all of your applications submitted to the HM Land Registry portal. This guide provides a brief summary of each of the main features.

Estimated Completion Date

This is the date by which the application is likely to be completed by and is not based on the individual application. It is an estimate of when the majority (90%) of that application type will be completed.


Filter by application type and application progress.

Find applications by title, HM Land Registry reference and customer reference.

Export application

Extract information relating to all or a selected sample of applications based on the search and filter options you have used.

Note: Not available on the Internet Explorer browser.


Use to order list of applications by title number, customer reference number or received by HM Land Registry.


You do not need to have received correspondence from HM Land Registry to use ‘Respond’.

Enables you to:

  • reply to a requisition or other HM Land Registry correspondence
  • add documents and notes to the application
  • request an extension of time in reply to HM Land Registry correspondence

Note: This feature does not support applications lodged via Network Services.

Application Enquiry

Provides access to additional information on your specific application on the HM Land Registry day list for register, create, register updates and official search (with priority) applications.

  • Request an update on your application.
  • Apply to expedite your application.
  • View the prior pending applications that affect your applications.
  • View discharge of a charge activity.

Save as PDF

Save a copy of the applications details displayed.

Note: This feature is not available on the Internet Explorer browser.

Three sub-categories within the expanded Correspondence row – Review, Resolved and Information – enhance the ability of customers to manage and track the progress of their applications.


These items raise points that are outstanding against the application. Provide a full response to allow the application to proceed. If you have already provided a response, HM Land Registry will need to confirm you have satisfactorily replied to all the points before progressing the application.


Once HM Land Registry has confirmed all the ‘Review’ points have been satisfactorily replied to, the correspondence item will move from the ‘Review’ section to this category.

Information only

These items are for information only and do not need you to respond. They include letters, notices, requisitions, and warnings and letters of cancellation.

Published 4 August 2020
Last updated 24 May 2022 + show all updates
  1. Removed references to View My Applications as this has been replaced by View Applications within the HM Land Registry Portal.

  2. We have added a summary of the main features of View My Applications.

  3. First published.