HM Land Registry portal: PDF downloads

How Business e-services customers can access their PDF downloads in the portal.

You can access PDFs free of charge for 30 days (inclusive) from the day the registration was completed.

Access PDF downloads

Log in to the portal.

There are 2 ways to get to the ‘PDF downloads’ area:

  1. Select the link on ‘My Portal Home’ page.
  2. Use the ‘General Facilities’ link in the left hand menu.
PDF download homepage

Select a download category

Choose a category:

  1. ‘My downloads’ shows applications that you submitted electronically to HM Land Registry.
  2. ‘Business Unit downloads’ shows all applications lodged by your firm/organisation (electronically or by post) that can be returned through portal.
  3. ‘Postal application downloads’ shows applications that were lodged by post that can be returned through portal.
  4. ‘Another user’s downloads’ allows you to view applications by user name.
PDF download area
  1. Once a download category has been selected, you can view: * ‘all downloads’ available * ‘new downloads’ * ‘previously viewed downloads’

  2. You can search: * by ‘title number’ * by ‘customer reference’

A search by ‘customer reference’ will show all downloads which contain the text entered in the search field, eg a search against ‘LAN’ will show downloads with references such as ‘LAN/123’, ‘abc/alan’ and ‘Conv/LandReg’. A search against a user’s initials will show all their PDF downloads, if they used them in their references.


Search results

  1. The first column shows if an item has already been viewed.
  2. Select ‘Show files’ to see a list of PDFs associated with the title number. (Select ‘Hide files’ to hide the results.)
  3. To start another search, select ‘New search’ in the top right hand corner.
Search result

Search another user’s downloads

You can view downloads for other registered portal users within your business unit. Search results are shown in the same layout as the ‘My downloads’ search.

Search another user

Search your business unit’s downloads

  1. View all the applications for your business unit that were lodged by post or electronically.
  2. Results for other download areas can be filtered by the view options.
Search postal applications

Get PDFs from suspended or deleted user accounts

If a user account has been suspended or deleted, you cannot access their PDFs in the ‘Another user’s downloads’ area. To access their files, visit the ‘Business Unit’ download area and search by title number or your customer reference.

You can access PDFs free of charge for 30 days (inclusive) from the day the registration was completed.


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When you have completed your tasks, select ‘Logout’ at the top of the screen to exit the system securely.

Published 8 June 2015