HM Land Registry Information Services and Land Charges Services

Business e-services customers can use the portal or Business Gateway to access information from the Land Register or apply for searches.

Applies to England and Wales

Business customers can use HM Land Registry information services to get information faster and more cheaply than by post.

Information Services

Information Services you can access include:

Land Charges Services

Land Charges Services you can access include:

How to get access

You need to complete an application for Business e-services and agree to the Conditions of use.

You will also get access to our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) and Digital Registration Service.

There is no fee to sign up to Business e-services, but you must have at least one variable Direct Debit account to pay fees for the services you use.

Published 16 June 2014
Last updated 13 November 2019 + show all updates
  1. Updated the list of Information Services you can access.

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