HM Land Registry electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS)

Business e-services customers use our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) to submit applications to change the register electronically.

Applies to England and Wales

Use our electronic services instead of paper applications for:

  • a faster and more accurate service
  • lower postal costs
  • lower fees for some services
  • a reduced environmental impact
  • an electronic audit trail to help prevent fraud

Submit an e-DRS application

You need to include your application forms and supporting documents as electronic copies when submitting your application using e-DRS.

Most documents need to be scanned, for example transfers and charges or other supporting documents. Some application forms, for example ‘change the register (AP1)’ can be prepared on your computer, signed electronically (with a typed signature) and uploaded without the need for printing and scanning.

How to get access

E-DRS is one of our ‘entry level’ services, bundled together with Information Services and Land Charges Services. You need to complete an application for Business e-services and agree to the Conditions of use.

There is no fee to sign up to Business e-services, but you must have at least one Variable Direct Debit account to pay fees for the applications you submit.

Customers who access services through the portal can also apply to access services including e-DRS through Business Gateway which provides automatic access to services from a case management system. This gives you instant access to HM Land Registry’s property records. Your case management systems (CMS) can then communicate directly and securely with HM Land Registry’s systems.

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Published 16 June 2014
Last updated 4 May 2017 + show all updates
  1. The file size for scan settings has increased from 10MB to 20MB.

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