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Price Paid Data

Download the Price Paid Data (PPD) in text or CSV format and access our linked data.

Our Price Paid Data includes information on all property sales in England and Wales that are sold for value and are lodged with us for registration.

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Changes to local government in England

On 1 April 2019, the following structural changes to local government in England took effect.

Former local authorities New structure
East Dorset, North Dorset, Purbeck, West Dorset Weymouth, Portland Dorset Unitary Authority
Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Unitary Authority
Forest Heath, St Edmundsbury West Suffolk District Council
Suffolk Coastal, Waveney East Suffolk District Council
West Somerset, Taunton Deane Somerset West and Taunton

HM Land Registry has retrospectively made these changes to our registers. Searches made for former local authority structures will not return any results.

Current month (July 2019 data)

These include the transactions received at HM Land Registry in the period from the first to the last day of the corresponding month. The file contains both Standard Price Paid Data (SPPD) and Additional Price Paid Data (APPD) transactions.

The data is updated monthly and the average size of this file is 30MB. You can download:

Single file

These include standard and additional price paid data transactions received at HM Land Registry from 1 January 1995 to the most current monthly data.

The data is updated monthly and the average size of this file is 3.7 GB, you can download:

Yearly file

The files include standard and additional price paid data transactions received at HM Land Registry in the period from 1 January to 31 December for each year.

The data is updated monthly and the sizes of these files range from 115 MB to 230 MB. If you are having trouble downloading any of the year files in full, they are also available as two smaller, evenly split CSV files.


You can download:


You can download:

View the previous year’s data.

Linked data

Access the Price Paid Data (PPD) as machine-readable linked data.

Use our Price Paid Data report builder to build bespoke reports based on location, estate type, price paid or property type over a defined period of time.

Using or publishing our Price Paid Data

If you use or publish our Price Paid Data, you must add the following attribution statement:

Contains HM Land Registry data © Crown copyright and database right 2019. This data is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

Price Paid Data is released under the Open Government Licence (OGL). Under the OGL, HM Land Registry permits you to use the Price Paid Data for commercial or non-commercial purposes. However, OGL does not cover the use of third party rights, which we are not authorised to license.

Price Paid Data contains address data processed against Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium product, which incorporates Royal Mail’s PAF® database (Address Data). Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey, permits your use of Address Data in the Price Paid Data:

  • for personal and/or non-commercial use
  • to display for the purpose of providing residential property price information services

If you want to use the Address Data in any other way, you must contact Royal Mail. Email

Address data

The following fields comprise the address data included in Price Paid Data:

  • Postcode
  • PAON Primary Addressable Object Name. Typically the house number or name.
  • SAON Secondary Addressable Object Name. If there is a sub-building, for example, the building is divided into flats, there will be a SAON.
  • Street
  • Locality
  • Town/City
  • District
  • County

Accuracy of the data

Price paid information is not personal, but property-related information. All commercial transactions, sales that have not been lodged with HM Land Registry or sales that were not for value are excluded. See Data excluded from Price Paid Data for more information.

We try to make sure that our public data is accurate, but cannot guarantee that it is free from errors or fit for your purpose or use. Reports are based on data collected at the time a property transaction is registered with us and will not necessarily be up to date with the most recent information. See accuracy of the data for more information.

If you have found an error with the data, please contact HM Land Registry using our change a sales record form.

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