Procurement at Land Registry

How we use external suppliers for goods and services.

Doing business with Land Registry

We advertise our contracts on contracts finder where appropriate.

As well as setting up our own contracts, we use framework contracts set up by other government departments that have already been through the competition and tender process. We also regularly use Crown Commercial Services’ (CCS) framework agreements. CCS is the national procurement partner for all UK public services and is part of the Efficiency and Reform Group within the Cabinet Office.

Government procurement card

The government procurement card (GPC) allows holders to pay for orders without going through the traditional intensive order and payment process.

The GPC is Land Registry’s preferred purchasing and payment method for low value transactions. Where it cannot be used, purchase orders are processed through our business information system.


Contact our chief procurement officer with any queries about our procurement procedure.

Telephone: 0300 006 4173

Tim Leaver
Chief Procurement Officer
Seaton Court
2 William Prance Road