Running a business


  1. Get information about a company

    Get company information including registered address, previous company names, directors' details, accounts, annual returns and company reports, if it's been dissolved

  2. DBS Update Service

    The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Update Service - register to join the service or check an applicant's DBS certificate online

  3. File your confirmation statement (annual return) with Companies House

    How to file company information - including directors, registered office and shareholders in your confirmation statement (previously AR01 annual return)

  4. Find and check your business rates valuation

    How to check the rateable value of your business property - compare it with other properties, request changes to your valuation and challenge the business rates you've been charged

  5. Check someone's criminal record as an employer

    How to request a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for a potential employee: types of DBS check, how to request a check, how much it costs, how long it takes.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Standard industrial classification of economic activities (SIC)
  2. Alcohol licensing
  3. Model articles of association for limited companies
  4. Controlled drugs: licences, fees and returns
  5. Filing your company's accounts
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News and communications

  1. Company Names Tribunal decision: Motorpoint of Birmingham (The Car Supermarket) UK Limited
  2. Company Names Tribunal decision: Beauty Bay North East Limited
  3. Financial investor banned for 11 years after abusing clients’ funds
  4. Government and CMA to research targeting of consumers through personalised pricing
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Research and statistics

  1. Access to Work research review
  2. Bank Referral Scheme: August 2018
  3. OTS scoping document for further review of Business Life Cycle
  4. Evaluation of UK Futures Programme: conclusions and guidance
  5. UKCES Futures Programme evaluation: skills for innovation in manufacturing
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Creating a responsible payment culture: a call for evidence on tackling late payment
  2. Bear Pit Theatre
  3. Lullabyz Nursery
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Companies House: annual report and accounts, 2017 to 2018
  2. HMRC report of non-qualifying regulatory provisions 2017 to 2018
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