Searching the Companies House register

How to follow companies and find company information for free using our online services.

With over 4 million companies registered and over 7 million documents filed each year, there are lots of ways to find the company information you’re searching for.

How to find company information

Free information on Companies House Service (CHS)

CHS makes all of the public data we hold on companies available free of charge.

Free access to the data is available through our CHS web service and application program interface (API). This allows both consumers and technology providers access to real time updates on companies.

Unlike our other services, you do not have to register to view company information on CHS.

You can get details about a company for free, including:

  • basic company information (including company type, registered office address etc)
  • the nature of business (SIC)
  • the company status (for example, live, dissolved etc.)
  • the date of last accounts or confirmation statement filed
  • the date of next accounts or confirmation statement due
  • full transaction filing
  • images of documents
  • officer searching
  • current and resigned officers
  • disqualified directors
  • previous and dissolved names search
  • mortgage charge data
  • insolvency information

 Records of dissolved companies

Following the government’s response to the Corporate Transparency and Register Reform consultation, we’ve:

  • stopped removing dissolved records from CHS
  • added the records of all companies dissolved since January 2010 to CHS

Previously, records of dissolved companies were removed from CHS after 6 years (from the date of dissolution).

As part of our commitment to enhancing corporate transparency, we’ll continue to keep records of dissolved companies for 20 years from the date of dissolution. These records are currently available on other Companies House products for a fee.

Our long term intention is to make these dissolved records available for free on CHS. But we will not do this until the law is changed to allow greater protection of personal information on the public register.

It’s important that we balance corporate transparency with personal data privacy concerns. If you’re currently a company officer (or were previously), you may wish to review your company records to check if you’ll be affected by this change.

See our guidance on restricting the disclosure of personal information.

Follow companies for free

Follow is a part of CHS which lets you receive free email alerts of company transactions. The alert tells you instantly what’s been filed with us, as soon as we’ve accepted it.

The email alert includes a link to the filing history of the company, where you can download a copy of the document for free.

How to follow

The Follow service is available free of charge on Companies House Service (CHS).

To begin following companies:

  1. Sign in once you’ve registered an email address and password.
  2. Search for a company to follow.
  3. Select the company.
  4. Click on ‘Follow this company’.

WebCHeck (service closing later in 2021)

WebCHeck allows access to company information. There’s no need to set up an account and most documents are available as images to download and view within minutes.

We are closing our WebCHeck services in 2021. Read more about the closure of WebCHeck.

Free basic information

Our free public information includes:

  • basic information including company type and registered office address
  • the nature of business or standard industrial classification (SIC)
  • company status, such as ‘live’ or ‘dissolved’
  • date of last accounts or confirmation statement filed
  • date of next accounts or confirmation statement due
  • previous company names
  • current officer details

WebCHeck fees

Use your debit or credit card or PayPal to pay at our secure checkout page, then proceed to download your documents.

Basic company information is free, but there’s a fee for documents and reports. See Companies House fees for a full list of costs.

You can add documents to your shopping basket up to an order limit of £50.

Before you make a purchase you’ll need to register a password and email address. We can then let you know when your documents are ready to access. Documents will be available in your download area for viewing or saving for 10 days, or for 4 days once opened.

Disqualified directors on WebCHeck

You can access information about disqualified directors using WebCHeck. Search by name and select from the list of matches to view:

  • name and address
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • number of current disqualifications
  • period of disqualification
  • reason for disqualification

Search for company information on WebCHeck with charges of £1 per document image and basic information free of charge.

Published 19 June 2019
Last updated 22 January 2021 + show all updates
  1. Records of dissolved companies since 2010 have been added to Companies House Service (CHS).

  2. Update to records of dissolved companies on CHS following the government’s response to the Corporate Transparency and Register Reform consultation.

  3. First published.