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What we do

We support the Prime Minister and ensure the effective running of government. We are also the corporate headquarters for government, in partnership with HM Treasury, and we take the lead in certain critical policy areas.

Cabinet Office is a ministerial department, supported by 26 agencies and public bodies.

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Our ministers

Our management

Head of the Civil Service, Cabinet Secretary
Chief Operating Officer for the Civil Service, Permanent Secretary (Cabinet Office)
Second Permanent Secretary to Cabinet Office
First Parliamentary Counsel
Chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee
National Security Adviser
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer and Director of Assurance, Finance and Controls, Cabinet Office
Government Chief Commercial Officer
Director General, Propriety and Ethics
Director of People and Places
Chief Executive, Government Communications
Chief Executive Officer, Government Digital Service
Government Chief Security Officer
Strategy Director
Lead non-executive board member
Non-Executive Board Member
Non-Executive Board Member
Non-Executive Board Member
Government Lead Non-Executive
Chief People Officer

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Press office contact details can be found on:

Public enquiries

Correspondence Team
Cabinet Office
70 Whitehall
United Kingdom


020 7276 1234

Our Personal Information Charter explains how we handle your information when you contact us. It also explains how to make a data protection request for your personal information:

It may take longer for us to reply to correspondence sent by post at the moment. If you are able, please send an email instead.

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  1. Read about the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and how to make a request.
  2. Check our previous releases to see if we’ve already answered your question.
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Freedom of information requests

FOI Team
Cabinet Office
Room 405
70 Whitehall
United Kingdom

For information about how we handle your personal information when you make a freedom of information request, please see our Personal Information Charter:

High profile groups within the Cabinet Office

Corporate information

Jobs and contracts

Read about the types of information we routinely publish in our Publication scheme. Find out about our commitment to publishing in Welsh. Our Personal information charter explains how we treat your personal information. Read our policy on Social media use.