Media enquiries

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. We have an out-of-hours service for urgent media enquiries – journalists can call 07074 667 000. Please note, this number cannot receive text messages.

Head of Cabinet Office Communications Poli Stuart-Lacey 020 7276 2533
Press and Media Planning Officer Fiona Christie 020 7276 1644

Minister for the Cabinet Office desk

  • transforming government services to make them more efficient and effective for users
  • buying and managing government goods and services more efficiently and effectively
  • helping government departments improve their efficiency and performance to save the taxpayer money
  • managing major projects more effectively
  • improving the transparency and accountability of government and its services
  • industrial relations
Press Secretary to the Minister for Cabinet Office Nick Thompson 020 7276 1625
Press Officer Sophie Kimber 020 7276 0436

Corporate and constitutional reform desk

  • press officers to the Cabinet Secretary, Head of the Civil Service, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Minister without Portfolio, Leader of the House of Lords and Minister for Constitutional Reform
  • creating an exceptional civil service – less bureaucratic and more skilled, digital and unified
  • constitutional reform, including voter registration and elections
  • propriety and cross-government issues
  • Cabinet Office corporate issues
  • honours and appointments
Head of News and Press Secretary to the Cabinet Secretary Emily Mansell 020 7276 1447
Senior Press Officer and Press Secretary to the Minister for Constitutional Affairs Siobhan Bruce 020 7276 2210
Press Officer to the Minister for Constitutional Affairs Alexander Walker 020 7276 2202