Chief Executive, Government Communications

Simon Baugh


Simon Baugh was appointed the Chief Executive of Government Communications in October 2021.

He has twenty years’ experience in strategy and communications roles in the public and private sectors.

His previous roles include:

  • Director of Communications, Home Office
  • Director of Communications and Engagement, Department for Exiting the EU
  • Director of Strategy and Communications, Department for Transport
  • Director of Media and Public Relations, Heathrow Airport Holdings
  • Director of Internal and Passenger Communications, BAA
  • Head of Public Affairs, Heathrow Airport
  • Senior Consultant, AS Biss & Co

Chief Executive, Government Communications

The Chief Executive leads the Government Communication Service and is a member of the Cabinet Office Executive Committee.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Delivering media, digital and internal communications for Ministers in the Cabinet Office.
  2. Coordinating cross-government communications on the Prime Minister’s priority campaigns.
  3. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of communications across government. Driving savings and raising standards by improving capability and skills, managing spending controls, providing shared services, evaluating campaign effectiveness, and identifying and scaling innovation

Government Communication Service and Cabinet Office

Previous roles in government

  • Director, Communications
  • Director for Communications and Stakeholders