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We are the government’s principal legal advisers. Our core purpose is to help the government to govern well, within the rule of law.

GLD is a non-ministerial department.

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HM Procurator General, Treasury Solicitor and Head of the Government Legal Profession
Director General, Litigation with Justice and Security
Director General, Commercial with Trade and International
Director General, Employment with Economic Recovery and UK Governance
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Contact GLD

Government Legal Department

102 Petty France
United Kingdom

Main office and switchboard

020 7210 3000 8am to 6pm on weekdays only

Litigation enquiries

020 7210 8500 - 9am to 5pm on weekdays only

Bona Vacantia Division

Caroline Harold
Government Legal Department
PO Box 2119
CR90 9QU
United Kingdom

Bona Vacantia enquiries

020 7210 4700 10am to 1pm on weekdays only

Serve the Treasury Solicitor with legal proceedings

102 Petty France
SW1H 9GL DX 123243 Westminster 12
United Kingdom

Litigation enquiries

020 7210 8500 - 9am to 5pm weekdays only

New Legal Proceedings in the UK which are required to be served on the Treasury Solicitor can be served as follows:

By email at: for all new legal proceedings issued in the UK except for new immigration proceedings. GLD would be grateful if, where possible, all new proceedings were served electronically and hardcopy documents were not sent to our postal address.

New immigration proceedings and service of costs claims on the Home Office (SSHD) in immigration proceedings i.e.:

• immigration High Court judicial reviews
• immigration habeas corpus applications
• immigration family court proceedings
• appeals to the Court of Appeal challenging Immigration Upper Tribunal Appeal decisions

Should be served at:

The reference to service of cost claims on the Home Office above is to formally served claims for costs (Notice of Commencement and Bill) against the Home Office (SSHD) pursuant to costs orders made in the above listed types of proceedings and Immigration Upper Tribunal judicial review proceedings. This does not include informal claims or negotiation of costs which should be directed to the GLD case officer. Where the GLD case officer is known to the party serving the costs proceedings the GLD case officer should also be copied in to the email.

Immigration Judicial Reviews issued in the Immigration Upper Tribunal should be served on the Home Office:

New claims which would normally only be posted or delivered by hand to the Home Office at 6 New Square, Bedfont Lakes, TW14 8HA can now be sent by email to Where other instructions regarding service have been provided on decision notices or an immigration factual summary these should continue to be followed. Formal costs claims in such proceedings should be served on GLD as stated above.

The email addresses above are for the service of new proceedings only: any other correspondence addressed to it will be deleted unread. For all proceedings (including in the Supreme Court) once a GLD case officer has been allocated the case all subsequent service, save for formal costs claims in Immigration proceedings (see above), should be effected on their, or any nominated successor's, GLD email address).

Where you have served by email please do not send hard copy duplicates of any documents.

Contact Government Legal Department out of hours

For urgent court applications that cannot wait until normal business hours

07590 457 584

For representations relating to imminent (immigration) removal cases, please refer to the Immigration Factual Summary provided with the Notice of Removal which provides the contact details to be used during office hours and out of office hours.

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Freedom of Information Officer

Government Legal Department
102 Petty France
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