Publication scheme

The Treasury Solicitor’s Department became the Government Legal Department on 1 April 2015. Some of the information below references the Treasury Solicitor’s Department.

We publish information about:

What we spend and how we spend it

Junior staff salaries

Senior staff and salaries

Procurement information

Spending over £25,000

Government procurement card (GPC) spending over £500

Lists and registers

Expenses and hospitality

Treasury Solicitor’s meetings with external organisations

What our priorities are and how we are doing

[Business plan](government/publications/319853

TSol annual report and accounts

We generally won’t publish information that is:

  • protected from disclosure
  • in draft form
  • no longer readily available

Archived information previously on our website is available from the National Archives website

How to get information

If you cannot find what you want through this scheme, or otherwise on our website, you may wish to make a request to us under the FOI Act.

To contact us about FOI, email:

Freedom of Information Officer

Government Legal Department
One Kemble Street