What we do

We work to create better places for people and wildlife, and support sustainable development.

EA is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

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Our policies

  1. Waste and recycling

    How the government is working towards a zero waste economy by supporting the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste, and controlling hazardous waste.

  2. Flooding and coastal change

    How we're managing the risks of flooding and coastal erosion, dealing with flood emergencies and ensuring people get a fair deal on flood insurance.

  3. Energy demand reduction in industry, business and the public sector

    What we’re doing to help industry, businesses and the public sector save energy.

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Our management

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    FOI requests

    Freedom of Information (FOI) and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) requests
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    Corporate information

    Read about the types of information we routinely publish in our Publication scheme. Our Personal information charter explains how we treat your personal information. Read our policy on Social media use.