Environmental management – guidance

Check if you need an environmental permit

Permits for installations, waste or mining waste operations, water discharge or groundwater activities or other activities that may pollute.

You may need an environmental permit if you do an activity that could pollute the air, water or land.

You’re breaking the law if you operate without a permit when you should have one.

What you need a permit for

You need an environmental permit if you operate any of the following:

  • an ‘installation’ – an industrial facility, manufacturer or other business that produces potentially harmful substances, eg a landfill site, a large chicken farm, a food factory, a furniture factory, a dry cleaners, a petrol station
  • a waste operation – a site where waste is recycled, stored, treated or disposed of
  • a mining waste operation – a site which manages waste produced from mines or quarries
  • a small waste incineration plant – where certain types and quantities of waste are burned
  • mobile plant – plant that’s designed to move or be moved, eg a machine that’s moved on to a site to clean contaminated soil
  • a solvent emission activity – releasing organic solvents directly or indirectly into the air

You need a permit if you carry on any of the following:

  • a stand-alone water discharge activity – releasing polluting liquids to surface water such as rivers or streams
  • a stand-alone groundwater activity – releasing polluting liquids directly or indirectly to water underground

You need a permit for an activity which involves radioactive substances.

Find out who to apply to

Depending on your activity and the pollution risk, you need to apply to the Environment Agency or your local council.

Check the table to see who you need to apply to. If it’s the Environment Agency, there’s guidance for that activity, including whether there are exclusions (when you won’t need a permit) and exemptions (when you won’t need a permit but you may need to register).

What you do Who to apply to
Installation Check the guidance on the regulations to find out. If your activity is listed as ‘Part A1’, apply to the Environment Agency. If it’s ‘Part A2’ or ‘Part B’, apply to your local council
Waste or mining waste operation Environment Agency – read the guidance on how to apply
Small waste incineration plant (SWIP) Check the guidance to find out
Mobile plant Environment Agency if the plant deals with waste – read the guidance on how to apply, otherwise apply to your local council
Solvent emissions activity Your local council
Stand-alone water discharge or groundwater activity Environment Agency – read the guidance on how to apply
Radioactive substances Environment Agency – read the guidance on how to apply for nuclear sites or non-nuclear sites

Contact the Environment Agency

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