Environmental permits


  1. Septic tanks and treatment plants: permits and general binding rules

    How to apply for an environmental permit or qualify for an exemption for a home septic tank or treatment plant - permits, exceptions, application forms and fees

  2. Application for an environmental permit: part A about you

    Complete if you are applying for a new permit, applying to change or transfer an existing permit.

  3. Check if you need permission to do work on a river, flood defence or sea defence

    Check if you need to get permission from the Environment Agency to do work on or next to a river, watercourse, flood defence or sea defence

  4. Application for a flood risk activities environmental permit (charges and declarations): part F3

    Part F3 application form and guidance notes for a flood risk activities environmental permit.

  5. Local authority environmental permits (England and Wales)

    Permit to carry out Part A(2) or Part B activities or run a Part A(2) or Part B installation or mobile plant.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Access the public register for environmental information
  2. Register your waste exemptions: environmental permits (England)
  3. Flood risk activities: environmental permits
  4. Statutory nuisances: how councils deal with complaints
  5. Discharges to surface water and groundwater: environmental permits
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News and communications

  1. Carlsberg pollution leads to restorative charity donations
  2. Water company to pay a record £975,000 towards environmental improvements following sewage spills on Dorset coast
  3. National Drought Group – Chairman’s Statement: 19 November
  4. Somerset haulage firm fined for waste offence
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Assessing and scoring permit compliance
  2. Revisions to public participation statement: environmental permitting
  3. Environmental permitting: standard rules consultation no 18
  4. Flood risk activity permitting: standard rules consultation
  5. Assessing and scoring environmental permit compliance
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Geological disposal: scrutiny of RWM's work - annual reports
  2. Environmental permitting guidance
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