Social media use

What we share and how we moderate comments on our social media channels, including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Our social media guidance document explains how we manage our social media accounts and the service that you can expect to receive from us via these channels.

Environment Agency social media guidance (ref LIT 8424)

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It includes information about:

  • when we are available and other ways you can contact us
  • what we post
  • how we will respond to queries
  • when we may not be able to respond
  • where we have other social media accounts
  • how we manage requests for information
  • how our staff use social media
  • how you can provide us with feedback about our social media services

Environment Agency social media accounts

Our official social media accounts can be found at:

Environment Agency Twitter Alerts

You can now sign up to receive Twitter Alerts from our national Twitter account, @EnvAgency.

When Twitter Alerts are used

We use Twitter Alerts to send critical warning information to our customers via Twitter. We will only use Twitter Alerts to share urgent information about a significant risk to life or the environment as a result of flooding or an environmental incident. Examples of when we use Twitter Alerts to share warnings include:

  • imminent flooding to property
  • pollution which presents a risk to the public
  • a failure of waterways structure which presents a hazard to the public or property

How to sign up for Twitter Alerts

If you follow @EnvAgency on Twitter, our Twitter Alerts will appear with an orange bell symbol within your timeline. Find out more about Twitter Alerts

You can also sign up to receive our Twitter Alerts via text message and push notifications to your mobile phone or tablet. Sign up for Twitter Alerts from the Environment Agency

The best way to receive notifications of flood warnings for your local area is to sign up for flood warnings

Local Twitter accounts

If you follow our local or staff Twitter accounts, you will receive our warning messages as normal tweets. These accounts do not have Twitter Alerts functionality, but will retweet Alerts sent from @EnvAgency.

Our local and staff Twitter accounts

Moderation policy

We moderate our social media pages. We reserve the right to remove comments that:

  • contain abusive, offensive or provocative language - including swearing, rude or indecent comments
  • link to obscene or offensive material
  • do not follow the topic of conversation
  • contain abuse directed at an individual, group, other organisations or page administrators
  • are spam
  • promote any product, service or publication not relevant to the discussion
  • are designed to cause trouble for the page administrator or other users

We will stop you from posting comments:

  • immediately, for serious offences
  • if you break these rules repeatedly