What we do

We register and regulate charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.

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Support for online forms

Use this service if you are experiencing technical problems with an annual return, a registration application or using one of our web forms. Complete the contact form to request a call back for assistance. Please note, we cannot talk you through a form or provide password information.

Complain about a charity

What to do if a charity won't deal with your complaint, or if you suspect illegal activity like terrorism or abuse.

Report a serious incident

Use this service if you are a trustee of a registered charity and you want to report a serious incident in your charity. We will only contact you if we need more information.


Use this service if you are a paid charity employee or adviser and you want to report suspected wrongdoing in the organisation you work for.
Read our guidance Whistleblowing: guidance for charity employees (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/whistleblowing-guidance-for-charity-employees)

General enquiries

Make an FOI request

  1. Read about the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and how to make a request
  2. Check our previous releases to see if we’ve already answered your question
  3. Make a new request by contacting us at:

Corporate information

Jobs and contracts

Read about the types of information we routinely publish in our Publication scheme. Our Personal information charter explains how we treat your personal information.