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Read our news stories to find out more about key issues in the global fight against poverty through research and evidence.

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  1. DFID Research: overcoming local barriers to girls’ education
  2. DFID Research: Data trends and sustainable agriculture
  3. DFID Research: Mobiles for Development
  4. DFID Research: Examining the Transformative Potential of Social Funds
  5. DFID Research: Drugs for Neglected Diseases seeks HR Coordinator
  6. DFID Research: Measuring the impact of sovereign disaster risk finance and insurance
  7. DFID Research: Evaluation News looks at HIV response
  8. DFID Research: The essentials for RDT implementation
  9. DFID Research: Looking at sustainable development in a global landscape
  10. DFID Research: What works in education in developing countries
  11. DFID Research: helping women to protect themselves against HIV
  12. DFID Research: 3ie to award 16 Agricultural Innovation Grants in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa
  13. DFID Research: HIV-related evaluations- synthesizing the evidence
  14. DFID Research: call for proposals for systematic reviews for international development
  15. DFID Research: Building collaborations between humanitarian programmes and researchers to improve health in a crises
  16. DFID Research: Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises- First call now open
  17. DFID Research: Humanitarian Evidence Synthesis and Communication Programme call for proposals
  18. DFID Research: HIV treatment in basic health facilities - fewer patients lost and quality of care maintained
  19. DFID Research: Introducing best practice for developing guidelines at WHO; progress made, but not always welcome
  20. DFID Research: Joint Global Health Trials scheme-fourth call for proposals
  21. DFID Research: 53 finalists named for innovative solutions to infant and maternal mortality
  22. DFID Research: Taxation and livelihoods in focus
  23. DFID Research: Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation- Job opportunities
  24. DFID Research: Online forums for health and development
  25. DFID Research: Job opportunity- Women’s Economic Empowerment and Growth in Low-Income Countries
  26. DFID Research: Nutrition Champions Awards 2013
  27. DFID Research: Global Development Conference - Improving social protection and government accountability
  28. DFID Research: UK launches global panel to fight hunger
  29. DFID Research: Six super crops to help beat global hunger
  30. DFID Research: Call for proposals from the Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation Research
  31. DFID Research: Taxing Africa for better governance
  32. DFID Research: Informed national decision making requires transparent global guidelines
  33. DFID Research: Building local disaster risk management capacity
  34. DFID Research: Considering mental health in Africa
  35. DFID Research: PhD Studentship on the impact of Evidence Aid
  36. DFID Research: Keeping people, economies and potatoes healthy
  37. DFID Research: Intelligent water pumps in rural Africa
  38. DFID Research: The Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index
  39. DFID Research: Nanotechnology in the fight against Malaria
  40. DFID Research: Resource management and food security
  41. DFID Research: Research stories, response and social media
  42. DFID Research: Predicting climate change in West Africa
  43. DFID Research: Human rights and the judiciary process - lessons from Latin America
  44. DFID research: Transforming cash transfers
  45. DFID Research: The global rise of TB exposed in a new film
  46. DFID Research: New chickpeas set to increase food security
  47. DFID Research: Manifesto for the extreme poor
  48. DFID Research: Climate Week Award for DFID
  49. DFID Research: World Water Day and the impacts of water cooperation
  50. DFID Research: WFSJ seeks new Executive Director
  51. DFID Research: Sustainable development: A review of monitoring initiatives in agriculture
  52. DFID Research: Armyworms- fighting in the fields
  53. DFID Research: Knowing girls, knowing the risks: education, community and HIV in rural India
  54. DFID Research: A responsive database in agricultural research
  55. DFID Research: Second call for the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme
  56. DFID Research: Tuberculosis: WHO-Endorsed Test Offers Rapid Detection
  57. DFID Research: Knowledge infrastructure and rural transport: The African community access programme
  58. DFID Research: Request for Applications: Round Three of the Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge
  59. DFID Research: Enhanced Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance: new evidence review
  60. DFID Research: Shaping the future of HIV: Drivers and women
  61. DFID Research: Training health policy-makers, practitioners and researchers to access and use systematic reviews
  62. DFID research: AGFAX- Radio and research
  63. DFID research: Rewarding Innovation: The 2012 Global Development Awards and Medals
  64. DFID research: The closing window of opportunity- protecting cities from the future
  65. DFID research: Defending the Longitudinal Panel in Nepal


  1. DFID research: International Migrants day: Understanding the whys
  2. DFID research: Snapshots of a changing landscape- CDKN in Asia
  3. DFID research: Ecosystems Services for Poverty Alleviation announces new opportunities for 2013
  4. DFID research: Growth and livelihoods in conflict: findings from SLRC’s review of the evidence
  5. DFID research: Drylands agriculture: Making itself heard in the climate change debate
  6. DFID research: Extending the discourse: the new DRUSSA app
  7. DFID research: Universal Children’s Day: Time to listen
  8. DFID research: UKCDS Town Hall meeting: Health research for international development
  9. DFID research: The Dhaka Colloquium on Systematic Reviews in International Development: bringing the experts together
  10. DFID research: Global standards for responsible research conduct
  11. DFID research: Strengthening scientific capacity building: writing the agenda
  12. DFID research: The 46.7 billion dollar question
  13. DFID research: Crisis States: moving away from the “post-conflict” culture
  14. DFID research: Testing the effectiveness of economic interventions on girls and women
  15. DFID research: ESPA Annual Science Conference to take place in November
  16. DFID research: Young Lives shines the spotlight on girls
  17. DFID research: Research to Action launched alongside 3ie PIM workshop in Cornwall
  18. DFID research: Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment (PAGE): Call for proposals
  19. DFID research: New research in The Cochrane Library finds little evidence to support the routine use of primaquine to reduce transmission of P. falciparum malaria
  20. DFID research: The Royal Society and DFID: Building research capacity in Africa
  21. DFID research: The poorest people in the poorest countries? A prediction of where the world’s poor will live in 2030
  22. DFID research: Review of the use of ‘Theory of Change’ in International development
  23. DFID research: Current and planned research on agriculture for improved nutrition: Negotiating the gaps
  24. DFID research: DFID commends the Great Himalaya Trail Development Project as SHARE develops new strategies for safer sanitation in Nepal.
  25. DFID research: New working papers from the Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium: shaping future research.
  26. DFID research: Research call - the Brazilian development model for Africa: evidence and lessons
  27. DFID research: Communicating the power of communication: two books on radio for development
  28. DFID research: CDKN Innovation Fund call for proposals- Focus on Africa
  29. DFID research: DRUSSA announces postgraduate courses in research uptake
  30. DFID research: CCAFS: Visualising a Climate-Smart Future
  31. DFID research: African Community Access Programme (AFCAP): Hitting the road to boost growth in sub-Saharan Africa
  32. DFID research: DFID Open and Enhanced Access Policy Published at Long Last
  33. DFID research: Growth Research News: Spread the Word
  34. DFID research: Community Programmes on Deworming School Children
  35. DFID research: Call for Funding: Research Proposals Required on Growth and Labour Markets in Low-Income Countries
  36. DFID research: Pastoralism and Development in Africa: Dynamic change at the margins
  37. DFID research: New ILRI Study Maps Hotspots of Human-Animal Infectious Diseases
  38. DFID research: New Learning Resource to Support and Tackle Climate Change
  39. DFID research: Connect South Campaign Pledges to Support Southern Researchers
  40. DFID research: New DFID Human Development Resource Centre Website Launched
  41. DFID research: Diverse Voices: In the quest for economic growth in Africa who is getting left behind and why?
  42. DFID research: FEAST trial, supported by DFID and Medical Research Council, wins British Medical Journal Research Paper of the Year award
  43. DFID research: Joint Global Health Trials Scheme: Launch of the third call for proposals
  44. DFID research: Call for Proposals: Review of the evidence on indicators, metrics and monitoring systems for agriculture, poverty and environment
  45. DFID research: Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund: Call for Proposals
  46. DFID research: Call for Rigorous Literature Reviews in Education
  47. DFID research: GDN Conference to take place on Urbanisation and Development
  48. DFID research: Groundwater in Africa: Harnessing the hidden sea for climate adaptation
  49. DFID research: Barriers to interaction can limit research uptake by the media
  50. DFID research: Safeguarding the Future of Rural Livelihoods: World’s first environmental health index
  51. DFID research: K* 2012: The first global conference on knowledge intermediaries
  52. DFID research: COMDIS-HSD Publish Field Communications Toolkit
  53. DFID research: Exploring the Impact of Cash Transfers in Africa
  54. DFID research: Wellcome Move Makes Research more Accessible
  55. DFID research: ESRC-DFID Joint Scheme for Research on International Development (Poverty Alleviation). Call for Proposals: Evidence Synthesis Research Awards (ESRA)
  56. DFID research: Young Lives: New publication on Global child poverty and well-being
  57. DFID Health Research Competition for the Development of New Technologies to Impact on Diseases of Poverty
  58. DFID research: PEDL Launch First Call for Major Research Grants
  59. DFID research: ESPA Announces 2012 Grants
  60. DFID research: What works to prevent violence against women by their partners?
  61. DFID research: Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index Launched
  62. DFID research: IDS Hosts Roundtable on Radio Convergence and Development in Africa
  63. DFID research: Promoting innovation and evidence-based approaches to humanitarian crises
  64. DFID research: Saving Lives at Birth: Round II Request for Applications
  65. DFID research: CALL FOR PROPOSALS: WHO call for research to develop and test leadership development programmes in health policymaking
  66. DFID research: Future Agricultures Launches New Book Spanning 20 Years of Seasonality and Development
  67. DFID research: CODESRIA Call for Proposals: Comparative Research Networks 2012
  68. DFID research: The impact of communities on the HIV/AIDS pandemic: presenting the evidence
  69. DFID research: New treatment for tuberculosis a step closer as REMox trial completes enrolment
  70. DFID research: Microwork initiative launched: M2Work
  71. DFID Research helps combat Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)
  72. DFID research: International Conference on Evidence-Informed Policy Making
  73. DFID research: New Young Lives Publication: Multidimensionality Matters
  74. DFID research: 6th World Water Forum Aims to make Water High on all Political Agendas
  75. DFID research: Global Forum for Health Research
  76. DFID research: New Publication: Empowerment: A Journey not a Destination
  77. DFID research: Strengthening Work in Conflict-Affected Countries Through Research


  1. DFID research: Improving science reporting in Africa
  2. DFID research: Improving the public’s access to DFID research
  3. DFID research: New research to reduce poverty
  4. DFID research: Request for Proposals to Develop a Research Design: What difference do transparency and accountability make to human development outcomes?
  5. DFID research: Standardised baselines - an important reform to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  6. DFID research: Achieving Food Security in the Face of Climate Change
  7. DFID research: New publication: The state and accessible justice in Africa: is Ghana unique?
  8. DFID research: How can poor people benefit from payments for ecosystem services?
  9. DFID research: Research Communications and Uptake Survey: Unpacking the results
  10. DFID research: Systematic review database just one click away
  11. DFID research: CIPPEC a recipient of prestigious Juscelino Kubitschek Prize
  12. DFID research: 2011 Global Development Awards and Medals Competition
  13. DFID research: New call for impact evaluations of social protection
  14. DFID research: The threat to cassava production from pests and diseases
  15. DFID research: Rethinking business and politics in Ethiopia: The role of EFFORT, the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray
  16. DFID research: Two new reports from Panos London's Relay Programme
  17. DFID research: New evidence on Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) for malaria
  18. Young Lives: New publication on Global child poverty and well-beingCall for Proposals: Grand Challenges Canada
  19. DFID research: Getting research into policy and practice – lessons from research on sexual health and HIV
  20. DFID research: Developmental patrimonialism? Rethinking business and politics in Africa
  21. DFID research: New website and publications from the Development Research Centre on Citizenship, Participation and Accountability
  22. DFID Research: Strategies for eradicating poverty in LDCs: Findings from research
  23. DFID Research: Check the fine print on land deals, conference participants urge
  24. DFID research: The role of Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) in adoption of new health products
  25. DFID research: New evidence informs WHO guidelines on treating severe malaria in children
  26. DFID research: Antimalarial trees in East Africa threatened with extinction
  27. DFID research: Quality of private and public services central to improving health outcomes
  28. DFID research: New report from IFPRI shows agricultural research and development in Africa hindered by significant challenges
  29. DFID research: Appointment of a Strategic Advisory Team for the ESRC/DFID Joint Scheme on International Development (Poverty Alleviation)
  30. DFID research: An update from infoDev
  31. DFID research: Governance for development in Africa: building on what works
  32. DFID research: Adapting to Climate Change
  33. DFID research: New vegetable varieties expand options for African farmers
  34. DFID research: Pastoralists: moving with the times
  35. DFID research: Working with the Grain? Rethinking African Governance
  36. DFID research: New economic growth research partnership with the Economic and Social Research Council
  37. DFID research: UK Government and Gates Foundation partner to support agricultural research and boost productivity of poor farmers
  38. DFID research: Research Strategy for Global Food Security
  39. DFID research: Global Food and Farming Futures
  40. DFID research: SUPPORT research summaries endorsed by policy makers
Published 11 October 2013