The government is working to protect our environment by reducing pollution, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, protecting areas of parkland, wildlife reserves and marine biodiversity, and enforcing regulations that keep our water and air clean. We also help communities avoid or recover from flooding and other weather-related hazards.

Detailed guides

  1. Local authority collected waste – definition of terms

    Sets out changes in terminology in definitions relating to waste reporting obligations. Read more

  2. Flood Risk Management Plans: what they are and who’s responsible for them

    Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs) highlight the hazards and risks of flooding from rivers, the sea, surface water, groundwater and reservoirs, and set out how Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) work together with communities to manage flood risk. Read more

  3. Hazardous waste: segregation and mixing

    Explains what is prohibited, how to describe and classify it and the duty to separate mixed waste. Read more

  4. Download environmental data

    Access the Environment Agency's datasets. Read more

  5. Apply for and register your vessel monitoring system device

    Apply for a grant-aided vessel monitoring system, register or re-register your device, and guidance for manufacturers and engineers. Read more