1. Report treasure

    Report treasure finds to the local coroner within 14 days - items officially defined as treasure, Portable Antiquities Scheme, inquest, valuation, rewards

  2. Check the public register of marine licence applications and decisions

    See details of applications for marine licences and the decisions made.

  3. Fixed quota allocation units

    Details and forms for transferring fixed quota allocation units and getting a new holding statement.

  4. Report treasure, wreck material or archaeological finds

    How to report treasure or wreck - check it's treasure, find out who gets a share of the worth, what happens if a museum wants the treasure

  5. Report wreck material

    Report wreck material to the Receiver of Wreck - what counts as wreck material, fines and deadline

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Wreck and salvage law
  2. ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal
  3. Do I need a marine licence?
  4. UK, UK Overseas Territories and UK Crown Dependencies Maritime Limits and Law of the Sea
  5. Catch certificates for non - EU imports and exports of fish
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News and communications

  1. Actions on Ocean Acidification – the Other CO2 Problem – Towards Realising Sustainable Development
  2. Triton Knoll Electrical System Order 2016 Variation
  3. Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Order 2013 Variation
  4. Scottish Secretary welcomes bolstered Fisheries Bill and funding
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Research and statistics

  1. R100 - The contribution of shipping to the English economy
  2. R057 - Alternative use of dredged material
  3. R042 - The social and economic benefit of commercial and recreational fishing
  4. R136 - Seascape quality, value and capacity for change
  5. Non-lethal deterrents suitable for control of seals from fishing vessels (MMO1131)
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Flamborough and Filey Coast potential Special Protection Area (pSPA) and Flamborough Head possible Special Area of Conservation (pSAC): consultation outcome
  2. The Offshore Environmental Civil Sanctions Regulations 2018: draft guidance
  3. Marine licensing: proposed changes to exemptions
  4. Marine Protected Areas network report (2012 to 2018)
  5. British Antarctic Territory: conserving and protecting Underwater Cultural Heritage
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Inshore Vessel Monitoring System (iVMS) technical documention
  2. Shoreham Port Authority Harbour Revision Order
  3. Exmouth Marina dredging and disposal at Sprey Point
  4. Liverpool Harbour Revision Order
  5. Broads Authority (Transfer of Mutford Lock) Habour Revision Order
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