Guidance and regulation

  1. UK, UK Overseas Territories and UK Crown Dependencies Maritime Limits and Law of the Sea
  2. INSPIRE portal and MEDIN Bathymetry Data Archive Centre
  3. Tidal Prediction Service
  4. The UKHO Archive
  5. Format 1 - PDF - Admiralty Tide Tables (ATT) format - times and heights of high and low waters, four months per page (A4 portrait)
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News and communications

  1. UKHO Apprentice wins Bridgwater and Taunton College Apprenticeship Award
  2. UKHO features in new UK Chamber of Shipping film
  3. UKHO supports safe arrival of HMS Queen Elizabeth into Portsmouth
  4. 2017 Alexander Dalrymple Award
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Research and statistics

  1. East Anglia - Lowestoft South Road & Lowestoft Bank - Area EA12A 2015
  2. East Anglia - Cockle Shoal - Area EA3 A and B 2015
  3. Dover Strait - Tail of the Falls - Area DWR C1 2015
  4. Dover Strait - Tail of the Falls - Area DWR C3 2015
  5. Thames Estuary - Sunk - Area TE3A 2015
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