Tidal Prediction Service

Our flexible service can provide tidal information tailored to your specific requirements.

The Tidal Prediction Service (TPS) offers bespoke tidal predictions in a range of different layouts depending on format, and can be delivered in either digital or analogue formats.

We provide tidal predictions for standard ports (those published as daily predictions in Admiralty Tide Tables) and secondary ports (those from which only time and height differences or harmonic constituents are published in Admiralty Tide Tables).

Prices are “per-port-per-calendar-year”, although if you wish to have an alternative 12 month period (eg 01 Jun 2015 to 31 May 2016), then the choice of start date depends on the format. To clarify, please contact the Tides section.


View our sample formats

If you intend to reproduce the data in any way you must purchase an original copy of the predictions and you will need a copyright licence. Further details are available on our dedicated copyright section


The UKHO EasyTide service allows users to freely acquire tidal information for over 7000 ports world wide for the current day plus up to 6 days into the future.

There is also an enhanced prediction service which incurs a small charge allowing the user to gain tidal information from any date between 100AD and up to 50 years in the future and access tide predictions for 7 or 14 days at a time. Enhanced predictions also include other useful information such as times of sunrise/sunset, lunar phases and Springs and Neaps data.

For more information and to access the service please visit the EasyTide site

Published 29 August 2014