Climate change and energy


  1. Clean Growth Fund

    A request for proposals to raise and manage the government’s Clean Growth Fund.

  2. Form N170: Listing questionnaire (pre-trial checklist)

    People or organisations involved in a case allocated to the fast track or multi-track can use this pre-trial checklist to provide information on their case ahead of a trial.

  3. Workplace Charging Scheme application form

    Form for businesses, charities and public sector organisations to apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme.

  4. Register a limited liability partnership (LL IN01)

    Use this form to register (incorporate) a limited liability partnership (LLP).

  5. Workplace Charging Scheme: grant claim form for installing charging equipment

    Portal for authorised OLEV installers to claim the grant on behalf of the applicant workplace.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Gas meter readings and bill calculation
  2. ESOS
  3. Smart meters: a guide
  4. Vehicle exhaust emission standards
  5. Cycle to work scheme implementation guidance for employers
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News and communications

  1. Energy systems of the future: local communities to benefit sooner
  2. Young people most at risk in a flood, warns Environment Agency & British Red Cross
  3. Plan to enable first UK carbon capture project from the mid 2020s announced at world-first summit
  4. Business and communities should plan now for climate change
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Research and statistics

  1. Weekly road fuel prices
  2. Electric heating in rural off-gas grid dwellings: technical feasibility
  3. Heat networks: the experiences of consumers and operators
  4. GAD comment - Climate change
  5. Logistics of domestic hydrogen conversion
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. A future framework for heat in buildings: call for evidence
  2. Domestic Private Rented Sector minimum level of energy efficiency
  3. Contracts for Difference
  4. Heat networks: developing a market framework
  5. The UK carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) deployment pathway: an action plan
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. NDA records retention schedule
  2. Committee on Fuel Poverty annual report: 2018
  3. Heat Networks Delivery Unit (HNDU) Pipeline
  4. UK government’s energy innovation investment portfolio
  5. Committee on Climate Change’s 2018 progress report: Government response
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