Wildlife, animals, biodiversity and ecosystems


  1. Bringing your pet dog, cat or ferret to the UK

    Taking pets abroad on holiday or to live - pet passports, PETS travel scheme, microchipping, rabies vaccinations, quarantine, travelling with assistance dogs

  2. Hunting and shooting wildlife

    Open and closed season for hunting, what you can use and the wildlife you can hunt

  3. Controlling your dog in public

    You can be fined if your dog is out of control in public - find out about Dog Control Orders, banned dogs, dog fouling and reporting a dangerous dog

  4. Report a dead or injured animal

    Report a dead or injured animal such as a badger, fox or domestic pet found on the road

  5. Get your dog microchipped

    How to get your dog fitted with a microchip: when to get it done, who can do it, how to update your details, what to do when buying a dog

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Pet travel to Europe after Brexit
  2. Animal welfare
  3. Avian influenza (bird flu)
  4. Animal welfare legislation: protecting pets
  5. Pet travel: approved air, sea and rail carriers and routes
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News and communications

  1. Forestry Commission act on tree pest detected in Kent
  2. Lynx reintroduction in Kielder Forest
  3. Carprieve Small Animal Injection – Product defect recall alert
  4. Project ‘setts’ up new home for badgers near M6
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Research and statistics

  1. VMD Published Standards 2018 to 2019: Monitoring Performance
  2. Pig: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats report 2018
  3. Exotic and farmed species: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats reports, 2018
  4. Cattle: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats report 2018
  5. Avian: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats report 2018
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Biodiversity net gain: updating planning requirements
  2. Flamborough and Filey Coast potential Special Protection Area (pSPA) and Flamborough Head possible Special Area of Conservation (pSAC): consultation outcome
  3. Contingency plan for exotic notifiable diseases of animals in England
  4. A strategy for achieving Bovine Tuberculosis Free Status for England: 2018 review
  5. Animal health and welfare framework (2018)
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Animals in Science Regulation Unit annual report 2017
  2. Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Bodies (AWERB) subgroup: terms of reference
  3. Project Licence Application (PLA) subgroup: terms of reference
  4. Animals in Science Committee: members' register of interests
  5. APHA regulatory and compliance policy
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