1. Approval of premises as Place of First Arrival application if there's no Brexit deal

    Get approval for inspection of plant health controlled commodities imported into UK through RoRo (roll-on roll-off) terminals if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

  2. Pet travel: declaration for more than 5 pets moving for a competition or show

    Form to complete when travelling with more than 5 pet animals under the Pet Travel Scheme to attend a competition, show or similar event.

  3. Form RW1 : Application to register a fishery or cropping water

    Use the RW1 form to register your fishery, stock ponds, cropping water or aquaponics unit

  4. Form CRAY2: Application for a licence to keep non native crayfish

    Use the CRAY2 form to apply for a licence to keep non native crayfish in England and Wales

  5. Form AAH2: Apply to be authorised to import live fish and shellfish

    Use the AHH2 form to apply to become authorised to import live fish and shellfish in England and Wales

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Export horses and ponies: special rules
  2. Register land you use to keep livestock
  3. Importing and exporting plants and plant products if the UK leaves the EU without a deal
  4. The veterinary sector and preparing for EU Exit
  5. Plant health controls
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News and communications

  1. Veterinary Medicine Supply Problem: Isoflurane
  2. Animal medicine seizure notice: Belgica De Weerd stand at The British Homing World Show.
  3. Outbreaks of Koi herpesvirus (KHV) disease in 2017
  4. Equimax Oral Gel for Horses Yardpacks - Product defect recall alert
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Research and statistics

  1. African swine fever in pigs in Central and Eastern Europe
  2. Statistics on Badgers vaccinated against bovine tuberculosis (TB)
  3. Wildlife: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats reports, 2018
  4. Exotic and farmed species: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats reports, 2018
  5. APHA focus articles, 2019
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Discussion: reviewing import controls on live animals and products of animal origin
  2. TSEs: amending the regulations in England and Wales
  3. Statutory plant health services: changing fees in England and Wales (2017)
  4. UKSF: UK approach to animal health surveillance
  5. Animal health and welfare framework (2018)
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Review of controls on imports of animals and animal products: April 2016 to March 2017
  2. The Fish Health Inspectorate and Business Impact target (BIT)
  3. Fish Health Inspectorate: Reports 2017
  4. AHWBE: register of interests
  5. FOI/EIR responses published by APHA: February 2018
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