Energy infrastructure


  1. Report an environmental incident

    How to report environmental incidents, including pollution

  2. Find out if a property is affected by coal mining

    Search by postcode to check if a property is built over an old coal mine - find out if you need a coal mining report, what it covers, other reports available, fees

  3. Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply Competition (closed)

    The 2 phase £33 million Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply competition aimed to accelerate the development of low carbon bulk hydrogen supply solutions in the above sectors.

  4. Nuclear innovation programme: advanced manufacturing and materials competition, Phase 2

    Guidance and forms you need to apply for the advanced manufacturing and materials (AMM) competition, Phase 2B.

  5. Application for an environmental permit (charges and declarations): part F1

    Complete part F1 if you are applying for a new permit or applying to change or transfer an existing permit.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Free of charge coal mining information
  2. Oil and gas: decommissioning of offshore installations and pipelines
  3. Energy Technology List (ETL)
  4. Oil and gas: offshore environmental legislation
  5. Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme for energy-saving technologies
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News and communications

  1. Alok Sharma appointed COP26 President
  2. Mine water heat under the PhD spotlight
  3. New protections for thousands of consumers on heat networks
  4. End of coal power to be brought forward in drive towards net zero
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Research and statistics

  1. International heat networks: market frameworks review
  2. Domestic RHI mechanism for budget management: estimated commitments
  3. Low carbon heat: progress on developing a sustainable market
  4. Renewable Energy Planning Database quarterly extract
  5. Low carbon and renewable energy economy, UK: 2018
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Heat networks: building a market framework
  2. Energy Company Obligation (ECO3): improving consumer protection
  3. Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014: proposed amendments
  4. Sizewell C: engagement plan
  5. Advanced Nuclear Technologies
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. UKAEA prompt payment return data: 2019 to 2020
  2. Sizewell C: response to EDF SZC Co stages 3 and 4 consultations
  3. Oil and Gas Authority review 2019
  4. Electricity transmission networks: major projects update
  5. Environment (Wales) Act 2016 Part 1 Section 6: The Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystems
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