Find out if a property is affected by coal mining

You can check if a property is in a former coal mining area and order a mining report if it is.

Property near to past mining activities may be at risk of being on unstable ground (sometimes called ‘subsidence’).

A coal mining report gives information on:

  • mine entries within 20 metres of a property’s boundaries
  • gas emissions from coal mines
  • other coal mining hazards reported in the area
  • plans for future coal mining in the area

A solicitor or conveyancer will usually do a coal mining search if you’re buying land or property in an affected area.

Check if you need a mining report

You can search using the Coal Authority’s online search service.

You’ll need to know the property’s postcode and boundaries.

You’ll get the search results immediately- they’ll tell you if you need to order a mining report.

Other reports you can order

The website offers a choice of reports - some cover other risk factors as well as coal mining, eg general subsidence, or environmental and flood risk. You pay more for these.

You can view sample reports for more information.

If you don’t know the postcode

You can check to see if a wider area is affected by coal mining.

Search using the interactive map to see if an area requires a coal mining subsidence claim report.


You can search for free, but you’ll have to pay for a report. Prices start at £25 (plus VAT).

See the fees guide for more information.

How long it takes

You’ll usually get the report by email within 24 to 48 hours, although it can take up to 72 hours.

Other ways to apply

You can contact the Coal Authority if you want them to do a search for you. You can order a report at the same time if you don’t have internet access.

The Coal Authority
Telephone: 0345 762 6848
Monday to Friday, 8:45am to 5pm
Find out about call charges