Oil and gas reserves are declining but the UK must have safe, secure and future-proof supplies of energy that are available to all. Through international relations and supporting the energy industry, the government will ensure a continuous supply of energy for the UK.

Policies 8

  1. Reducing demand for energy from industry, businesses and the public sector

    What we’re doing to help industry, businesses and the public sector save energy.

  2. Maintaining UK energy security

    Our strategy for energy security sets out how we will make sure the UK’s energy system remains secure against upcoming challenges.

  3. Using evidence and analysis to inform energy and climate change policies

    How evidence – research, appraisal, evaluation, projections, modelling and statistics – informs our energy and climate change policies.

  4. Managing the use and disposal of radioactive and nuclear substances and waste

    How our policy planning controls and prevents the risks in using, storing and disposing of nuclear and radioactive substances and waste.

  5. Reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050

    We're moving the UK to a more efficient, low-carbon economy to meet our legally binding climate change targets.

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Detailed guides

  1. Generating energy from waste, including anaerobic digestion

    How to comply with regulations for energy recovery and advanced conversion technologies. Read more

  2. Combined heat and power

    How the UK supports the use of combined heat and power (CHP) or 'cogeneration', which avoids network losses and reduces emissions. Read more

  3. Harnessing hydroelectric power

    How hydroelectric power works, regional schemes and information on installing your own micro-hydro scheme. Read more

  4. DECC Local Authority Competition

    This competition aims to cut heating costs by installing measures like efficient boilers and insulation. Read more

  5. Policy impacts on prices and bills

    How costs to the consumer are affected by changes in energy and climate change policy. Read more

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