Case studies

See our work in action through these real world examples.

Case studies provide real-life examples of our policies in practice.

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  1. Out of Syria, back into school
  2. The women who are making their countries wealthier
  3. Restoring hope in Gaza
  4. Ebola heroes
  5. On the frontline of Ebola
  6. Pakistan: In school for the first time
  7. DR Congo at 50: rebuilding roads
  8. Pakistan earthquake: Seven years on
  9. Seeds of hope - Pakistan floods one year on
  10. A community built from within
  11. "If I help one person, to me that is a success"
  12. Food for families in Gaza
  13. MDG 8 - The GAVI Alliance saves children's lives through vaccines
  14. MDGs in focus - MDG 4: Reduce child mortality
  15. Pakistan floods six months on: tackling the threat of disease
  16. Getting back on their feet
  17. Helping women open up for business in Pakistan
  18. Called to be a midwife in northern Nigeria
  19. Buddyz breed confidence to change themselves and their communities
  20. Surviving the floods: getting through each day
  21. Rising above the stigma and scars - the story of an acid attack survivor in Pakistan
  22. Less ploughing, more crops, happier families
  23. Brighter later - Pakistan floods one year on
  24. Dignified futures: how hard work builds hope
  25. A future for people and forests in Nepal
  26. Cau's magic mushrooms
  27. MDG 6 - Bringing care to communities in Ethiopia
  28. Changing attitudes in rural India
  29. Dignity and relief after years of suffering
  30. A chance to grow
  31. Farming pomelo in Vietnam
  32. Building bridges to re-connect cut-off communities in Pakistan
  33. Empowering communities in Afghanistan
  34. First steps towards a new home
  35. Building safer, stronger schools in Nepal
  36. Northern Uganda: Hope after years of conflict
  37. Our house - Pakistan floods one year on
  38. Positive about stopping HIV suffering
  39. Technology to tackle corruption
  40. Poverty and vulnerability tackled in Turkana, Kenya
  41. Goodbye, Guinea worm
  42. MDGs in focus - MDG 2: Achieve universal primary education
  43. Girls decide: Tackling child marriage and early pregnancy in Bangladesh
  44. Zambian soap stars spread the word on family planning
  45. MDGs in focus – MDG 6: Combat HIV, AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  46. Sleeping safely under bednets
  47. A time for change: ending female genital mutilation
  48. A helping hand to rural farmers in Nepal
  49. World Food Day 2012: Sowing the seeds of a better future in DR Congo
  50. Fair exchange
  51. DR Congo at 50: help for HIV and AIDS orphans
  52. Giving women a choice in Malawi
  53. We're getting there
  54. The gift of two rabbits
  55. Rebuilding Malawi after the earthquake
  56. Girls determined to get an education
  57. Lady health workers saving lives in rural Pakistan
  58. Livelihoods protected and lives rebuilt
  59. Pakistan: reaching the poorest through cash transfers
  60. Acute malnourishment threatens Niger's children
  61. Helping HIV positive mothers have HIV negative children
  62. Syrian refugees in Jordan
  63. Growing their way to health and security in Bangladesh
  64. Clearing land mines in South Sudan with MAG
  65. Crafting jewellery and a glittering career
  66. Tackling hunger in Karamoja
  67. Extending the fight against malaria in Ethiopia
  68. Haiti, two years on: getting back home at last
  69. Gender violence in Pakistan
  70. After the floods: returning home in northern Pakistan
  71. Battling malaria in India
  72. Helping girls get an education
  73. Educating Pakistan's next generation
  74. A safe arrival for India’s newborns
  75. A generation free of HIV
  76. Ending violence and transforming women's lives
  77. Paving the way to better business
  78. Protecting the vulnerable in Kenya
  79. DR Congo at 50: improving access to clean water
  80. Malaria in Rwanda - a preventable tragedy
  81. Water without the worry
  82. Last night an SMS saved my life
  83. Market women secure a decent trade in Ghana
  84. Burma: six months after Cyclone Giri
  85. A biscuit a day...
  86. Almost home: restarting life after conflict in Sri Lanka's 'rice bowl'
  87. River of hope: adapting to a changing climate in Mozambique
  88. Pakistan elections: Supporting women to cast their vote
  89. MDG 2 - Universal primary education in Zambia
  90. Helping farming communities in India to improve their livelihoods
  91. The fight against cholera in Haiti
  92. Spreading the message to curb disease
  93. Getting people back on their feet in Haiti
  94. Rural roads boost ethnic minority livelihoods in Vietnam
  95. Burma - six months after Cyclone Giri: Rebuilding lives in Ohn Taw village
  96. Super spuds help beat hidden hunger in Uganda
  97. Growing poppies instead of opium in Afghanistan
  98. Changing attitudes, fighting abuse in Bangladesh
  99. A restless determination to make things better
  100. Pakistan elections: Educating women on their fundamental rights
  101. World AIDS Day 2012: Tackling stigma and discrimination in Kenya
  102. MDG 3 - Education for all in The Gambia
  103. MDGs in focus - MDG 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  104. Haiti – one year on: safer shelter is ACTED upon
  105. Making Misrata safer with MAG: clearing unexploded ordnance in Libya
  106. Saving lives, restoring hope in Haiti
  107. Sowing the seeds of scuba rice
  108. Building furniture and a future in Afghanistan
  109. Proof positive - medicine for a healthy life in Malawi
  110. Against the odds, UK-funded Gazan businesses grow
  111. Unite to fight AIDS
  112. Increasing awareness of HIV and maternal services in Zambia
  113. A passion for education
  114. Motorbikes and Midwives: A triple blessing
  115. Engaging local people in carbon markets
  116. Demining Herat: making land safe in Afghanistan's 'bread basket'
  117. DR Congo at 50: community reconstruction
  118. Tackling malnutrition, providing hope in western Chad
  119. Healthy babies are sweet thanks to powerful potatoes
  120. Fighting for women’s rights in Nepal
  121. Pakistan: Investing in young people’s skills
  122. Discreet HIV treatment changes lives
  123. A chance to plan for the future
  124. New livelihoods bring hope for women in Somalia
  125. MDG 5 - Driving down maternal mortality in Nepal
  126. MDGs in focus - MDG 8: Develop a global partnership for development
  127. Pakistan six months on: water brings relief to flood survivors
  128. Ending violence against women in Nepal
  129. An 'Avon lady' of Bangladesh tells her story
  130. Design for life
  131. People count in Ghana
  132. From acid victim to activist: Hasina's courageous journey
  133. Rapid response: Tackling cholera in Sierra Leone with Oxfam
  134. Cottoning on to the power of the private sector
  135. Hope across the South African border
  136. "Access to treatment is access to life"
  137. A future for children in Ethiopia
  138. MDG 7 - Household loans for rural water supply and sanitation in Vietnam
  139. MDGs in focus - MDG 3: Promote gender equality and empower women
  140. Pakistan floods six months on: a roof over their heads
  141. Education against all odds: job skills open up new worlds in Helmand
  142. Getting money where it's needed
  143. Measuring poverty in Malawi
Published 24 July 2013