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Published 7 February 2012
Last updated 10 November 2021 + show all updates
  1. Guidance added on 'Interviews: overview of the interview process' and 'Digital premium service: how a customer applies'.

  2. Added guidance on Home Office issued documents.

  3. New tiered application service: the service levels we provide, Home Office issued documents and Travel documents issued by UK government offices staff guidance added.

  4. New British overseas territories citizens guidance added.

  5. New British national (overseas) passport processing added.

  6. Removed link to guidance on 'Counter services and upgrades' as it is now out of date.

  7. New 'How we communicate with customers' staff guidance added.

  8. Added new guidance: "Urgent government business or compassionate travel".

  9. Added new guidance: "Delivery addresses for passports and documents" and "British overseas citizen passports". The following guidance is out of date and has been removed: "Passports: marriage guidance", "General information and application types", "Civil partnership", "Children's applications", "Posting passports and documents".

  10. Added new British protected persons, British subject status, passport printing and collective passport guidance.

  11. Added documents: "Digital referee: how to examine" and "Recording decisions, case notes and passport notes".

  12. Added new publication: "confirming identity: countersignatory and digital referees".

  13. New date of birth and place and country of birth guidance which replaces the date and place of birth guidance.

  14. New guidance on DNA testing for British passport applications added.

  15. New 'Confirming identity: checking a signature is genuine' and 'Crisis situations: supporting our customers' guidance added.

  16. New passport cancellations: malicious lost and stolen reports guidance added.

  17. Added guidance on 'Types of British passports'.

  18. New diplomatic and official service: passports and observations and how to decide if an application is a UK or overseas submission added.

  19. Added guidance on 'Balance of probabilities', 'Supporting documents not available' and 'Names that cannot be used in passports'.

  20. Added guidance on 'Names: aligning names on foreign documents', 'Names: evidence to change a name', 'Names: change of name passport applications' and 'Cancelling passports: non-payment of child maintenance'.

  21. Added 'Safeguarding: consent issues' guidance.

  22. 'Titles' guidance updated.

  23. Added concessionary passports guidance.

  24. Added link to new guidance on reimbursing out of pocket expenses.

  25. Additional passports guidance added.

  26. HM Forces applications document updated.

  27. Guidance on posting methods for passports and documents added.

  28. First published.