Britain needs to ensure a sustainable supply of food for the UK market and export. Supporting and developing British farming, and encouraging sustainable food production (including fisheries) will ensure a secure, environmentally sustainable and healthy supply of food with improved standards of animal welfare.

Detailed guides

  1. Vehicles and machinery on farms

    Health and safety issues and regulations for farm vehicles, machinery and equipment: risk assessments and good practice. Read more

  2. Controlling disease in farm animals

    How to prevent infections through biosecurity measures, quarantine procedures and what to do if disease breaks out on your farm. Read more

  3. Potato growers: funding, levies and Cross Compliance

    Requirements for the Single Payment Scheme and regional funding for potato farmers, and how to prevent and control diseases and pests. Read more

  4. Farm business and financial planning

    Business plans, account management, benchmarking and planning for farming businesses. Read more

  5. Sugar beet: claiming payments

    Entitlements for farmers under the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) for sugar beet growers who are registered with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). Read more