Planning and building


  1. Appeal or search for a planning decision or notice

    Search for an appeal against a planning decision or notice from your local planning authority, or start a new appeal

  2. Party walls and building work

    When and how to tell neighbours about building works on party walls, what to do if you've been notified of works, how to come to an agreement

  3. Appeal a planning decision

    Appeal a decision by your local planning authority about an application for planning permission - documents you need to provide, who can appeal, how long it takes

  4. Appeal a householder planning decision

    Appeal a decision on a householder planning application by your local planning authority - deadlines, how to appeal and how long it takes to get a decision

  5. Appeal an enforcement notice

    Appeal against a planning enforcement notice. How to apply, who can apply, claim costs, how long it takes

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Fire safety: Approved Document B
  2. Access to and use of buildings: Approved Document M
  3. Preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls
  4. When is permission required?
  5. Permitted development rights for householders: technical guidance
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News and communications

  1. Recovered appeal: William Sutton Estate, Cale Street, London, SW3 3QY (ref: 3177810 - 18 December 2018)
  2. Approved Document B volume 1 and volume 2: circular 03/2018
  3. Brokenshire introduces tougher regulatory system for building safety
  4. Notes on neighbourhood planning: edition 21
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Research and statistics

  1. Live tables on planning application statistics
  2. Planning applications in England: July to September 2018
  3. Building Safety Programme: monthly data release - November 2018
  4. Planning Inspectorate Statistics
  5. Planning Inspectorate Appeals Data
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Technical review of Approved Document B of the building regulations: a call for evidence
  2. Approved Document B (fire safety): amendments to statutory guidance on assessments in lieu of tests
  3. Running free: consultation on preserving the free use of public parks
  4. Assessments in lieu of tests consultation: impact assessment
  5. Building a safer future: an implementation plan
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Planning Inspectorate spending over £250: October 2018
  2. Register of Planning Inspectorate Board Member Interests
  3. Planning Inspectorate spending over £250: September 2018
  4. The Planning Inspectorate Framework Document
  5. Environment Agency objections to planning on the basis of flood risk
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