Guidance and regulation

  1. Plain English guide to the planning system
  2. Community Right to Bid: non-statutory advice note for local authorities
  3. Working with property developers
  4. Community-led regeneration: toolkit
  5. Community benefits and engagement guidance for onshore wind
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News and communications

  1. Planning appeal decisions could be cut by 5 months
  2. New Bill will boost growth and housebuilding
  3. Landmark Housing and Planning Bill receives Royal Assent
  4. Letter to the Chief Executive of the Planning Inspectorate
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Research and statistics

  1. Independent review of planning appeal inquiries: report
  2. Building materials and components statistics: September 2013
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Changing Places toilets
  2. Independent review of planning appeal inquiries: call for evidence
  3. National Planning Policy: consultation on proposed changes
  4. Rural planning review: call for evidence
  5. Neighbourhood Planning Bill: overarching documents
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