Contact the Building Safety Regulator

Anyone in England can use this service to contact the Building Safety Regulator (BSR).

Applies to England

You can use this service to: 

  • ask BSR a question 
  • make a complaint to BSR

Learn more about BSR on the Health and Safety Executive website. 

If you do not want to give us your name and contact details, you can ask someone you trust to ask us a question or make a complaint for you. 

Questions you can ask BSR

You can ask us about anything we do. For example: 

  • residents’ safety and involvement 
  • the responsibilities of designers, builders, building control bodies and others in the construction industry 
  • guidance and building safety law 
  • our statutory committees 

You can also ask a question about any of our services. For example, registering a high-rise residential building, managing building control for a higher-risk building, and building inspector registration. 

Complaints you can make to BSR

 You can complain to us about:  

  • issues in a high-rise residential building that could lead to fire spreading  
  • issues in a high-rise residential building that could lead to part or all of the building collapsing 
  • issues with fire safety or structural integrity in a high-rise residential building that is being designed, built or renovated 
  • people and organisations we regulate, for example building inspectors and people accountable for safety in a building  

  • BSR itself

When not to complain 

If you are a resident and want to complain about the building you live in, first raise your issue with a person accountable for building safety. For example, the building’s landlord or management company. Use this service if they have not dealt with your issue. 

Do not use this service to report concerns about anti-social behaviour or the general cleanliness of a building. Report these issues to your landlord or management company. 

Before you start  

To ask us a question, we will ask you for: 

  • your contact details, or the contact details of someone acting for you, so we know who to respond to   
  • details of your question 

To complain to us, we will ask you for:  

  • the building address, if the complaint is about a building  
  • your contact details, or the contact details of someone acting for you, so we know who to respond to  
  • the name of the person or organisation you have previously complained to, if relevant 
  • details of your complaint, for example, the date you became aware of the problem, who you’ve already reported it to and when, if relevant 
  • any supporting information, such as photographs or documents you want to upload

Get help using this service

Telephone: 0300 790 6787 

Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm (except Wednesdays when we are open from 10am to 5pm, and public holidays when we are closed). 

If you would prefer to speak to us on the phone in a language other than English, a translation service is available. 

Find out about call charges.

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Published 29 September 2023
Last updated 31 January 2024 + show all updates
  1. Guidance about complaints has been added to this page. This includes information about what you can make a complaint about and how to make a complaint to the Building Safety Regulator.

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