1. Environmental impact assessment screening checklist

    To help ensure that an authority giving development consent for a project makes its decision knowing the likely effects on the environment.

  2. Planning application forms: templates for local planning authorities

    This collection brings together planning application form templates for local planning authorities to use when producing their own versions.

  3. Apply for an award of appeal costs: application form

    All parties involved in an appeal are expected to cover their own expenses but anyone involved in the appeal can ask that one party pays some or all of another party’s costs.

  4. Tree preservation order appeal form

    Form for appeals against decisions issued by councils in respect of applications for consent to cut down or carry out work on a tree protected by a tree preservation order.

  5. High hedge appeal form

    Local authorities (councils) have the power to deal with complaints about high hedges, this form is to appeal against the council's decision.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Permitted development rights for householders: technical guidance
  2. Community Infrastructure Levy
  3. When is permission required?
  4. Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas
  5. Flood risk and coastal change
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News and communications

  1. Recovered appeals: land at Chiswick Roundabout, Junction of Gunnersbury Avenue Great West Road, London W4 (ref: 3180962 & 3173208 - 19 July 2019)
  2. Recovered appeal: land adjacent to the Southeastern train depot, Moat Lane, Slade Green, Erith (ref 3184205 & 3184206 - 7 May 2019)
  3. Recovered appeal: land at Ware Park, Wadesmill Road Hertford (ref 3178839 - 4 April 2019)
  4. Recovered appeal: site at Roseacre Hall, Roseacre Wood, Preston, Lancashire – Cuadrilla Appeal C (ref 3134385 - 12 February 2019)
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Research and statistics

  1. Planning Inspectorate Statistics
  2. Section 106 planning obligations and the Community Infrastructure Levy in England, 2016 to 2017: report of study
  3. Community Infrastructure Levy review: report to government
  4. Aggregate minerals survey for England and Wales, 2014
  5. Local Plans Expert Group: report to the Secretary of State
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Proposed reforms to permitted development rights to support the deployment of 5G and extend mobile coverage
  2. Fire safety: clarification of statutory guidance (Approved Document B)
  3. Planning reform: supporting the high street and increasing the delivery of new homes
  4. Changes to planning policy and guidance including the standard method for assessing local housing need
  5. National Planning Policy Framework
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Natural England’s response times to planning consultations in England
  2. Register of Planning Inspectorate Board Member Interests
  3. Planning Inspectorate spending over £250: September 2018
  4. The Planning Inspectorate Framework Document
  5. Planning Inspectorate spending over £250: August 2017
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