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We publish official statistics on non-domestic rating, Council Tax and the private rental market.

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Upcoming publications

The VOA publication showing summary statistics for Revaluation 2017 was published on 28 September 2016. This was alongside related information from other government departments in order to provide clearer context for these statistics.

It was originally scheduled to be published on 13 September but withdrawn on that day and finally published on 28 September. The delay conflicted with the release of statistical reports in an orderly manner. The order of release promotes public confidence, as is set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics protocol 2. This has been duly reported to the UK Statistics Authority.

The purpose of this statistical release was in order to provide first estimates of the impact of the VOA’s reassessment of rateable value of properties (revaluation). This affects business rates bills, as well as policy decisions on various reliefs (such as transitional relief) and the business rates multipliers. It was judged by the VOA that releasing statistical information without the contextual information could lead to the risk of it being possibly misleading. It was decided the public good was better served by a coordinated approach across government.

The assessment of rateable values of properties is a statutory function of the VOA. Government statisticians in the VOA compiled these official statistics independently and, in all other ways, in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

The release calendar shows the VOA’s planned publication dates for the coming year. We encourage users to check this schedule regularly for revisions. Publication of our statistics is at 9:30am on the stated day of release.

Archived statistics

GOV.UK contains statistics the VOA has published since November 2014. You can find our previous statistical releases on the National Archive website.

Corporate procedures and standards

We use the document how national and official statistics are assured to guide our production of official statistics. We also follow the UK Statistics Authority’s Code of Practice for official statistics.

The VOA’s Freedom of Information disclosure log

We comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If, under this act, we provide data to a requester that are not available in our standard statistical publications, we simultaneously make the data available to the public on our disclosure log.

We will not disclose data (such as addresses) that can help identify people or organisations.

For disclosures issued before 2015 please visit the National Archive website.

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