1. Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2016 to 2021: qualification

    Guidance on how to apply to become an HCA investment partner and the application form.

  2. Affordable Homes Programme 2015 to 2018: qualification

    Guidance on how to apply to become an HCA investment partner and the application form.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Home Building Fund
  2. Find Homes England land
  3. Help to Buy (equity loan): funding administration agreement
  4. Housing quality indicators
  5. Garden communities
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News and communications

  1. Built environment sector deal: opening formal negotiations with the sector
  2. Brokenshire orders house builders to protect wildlife
  3. Make “places not just homes” and transform retail parks into thriving communities, says Commission
  4. Government invests £142 million in building communities to deliver the homes the country needs
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Research and statistics

  1. Creating space for beauty: interim report of the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission
  2. House building: new build dwellings, England: January to March 2019
  3. Public Land for Housing programme 2015 to 2020: progress report
  4. Modern Methods of Construction working group: developing a definition framework
  5. Thames Estuary 2050 Growth Commission report
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Modern methods of construction: government response to the Select Committee report
  2. Housing Infrastructure Fund
  3. Thames Estuary 2050 Growth: government response to Commission
  4. Geographical targeting across 5 housing programme funds
  5. Homes England strategic plan 2018 to 2023
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Homes England Annual Report & Financial Statements 2018/19
  2. Information request on the lease at Leybourne Riding Stables
  3. Information request on Long Causeway development
  4. Wi-Fi contracts held by the HCA
  5. Coastal Communities Fund
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