Further and higher education, skills and vocational training

University and college qualifications. Apprenticeships, traineeships and internships. Funding for further education providers.


  1. Recruit an apprentice

    Advertise apprenticeship vacancies and manage applications. This service is for training organisations, not employers

  2. Find a traineeship

    Apply for a traineeship in England - get ready to work or an apprenticeship

  3. Courses and qualifications for 14 to 19 year olds

    Find out what vocational or academic courses and qualifications are available at schools, colleges and sixth forms in your area

  1. Find an internship

    Use the Graduate Talent Pool to find internships if you're a new or recent graduate in the European Economic Area (EEA)

  2. Find a regulated qualification

    Check if a qualification is regulated and what level it is on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Find an apprenticeship

    Register your profile, search vacancies and apply for an apprenticeship - you must be 16 or over

  2. Become an apprentice

    Becoming an apprentice - what to expect, apprenticeship levels, pay and training, making an application, complaining about an apprenticeship

  3. What qualification levels mean

    Find the difficulty level of a qualification and compare qualifications across different countries.

  1. Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship schemes

    • Detailed guide
    • Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship
  2. Employing an apprentice

    How to take on an apprentice as an employer, what's expected of you and what funding you can get.

    • Guide
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News and communications

  1. New support for young care leavers starting an apprenticeship

    • Department for Education
    • News story
  2. Ensuring LGBT+ representation in apprenticeships

    • Education and Skills Funding Agency
    • News story
  3. Call for evidence on assessment of qualifications in centres

    • Ofqual
    • News story
  4. Sam Gyimah hosts free speech summit

    • Department for Education
    • News story
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Policy and engagement

  1. Implementation of T Level programmes
  2. Performance reporting: FE college groups and multi-site colleges
  1. Apprenticeship reform programme: benefits realisation strategy

    • Department for Education
    • Policy paper
  2. Apprenticeship funding from May 2017

    • Department for Education and Closed organisation: Skills Funding Agency
    • Policy paper
  3. Apprenticeship funding from May 2017: equality analysis

    • Department for Education
    • Impact assessment
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  1. Graduate outcomes (LEO): postgraduate outcomes in 2015 to 2016

    • Department for Education
    • Official statistics
  2. Welfare and duty of care in Armed Forces initial training

    • Ofsted
    • Research
  3. Exploring funding for apprentices with additional needs

    • Department for Education
    • Research
  4. School building framework: winning contractors announced

    • Education and Skills Funding Agency
    • Transparency
  5. CAC Outcome: GMB & Apcoa Parking (UK) Limited

    • Central Arbitration Committee
    • Decision
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